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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The RETURN of the Budget eBay Collector for June

For the moment, I have put the Sunday Afternoon Blaster on hiatus.  It is somewhat for financial reasons, but mostly it is because my local Wal Mart has run out of interesting buys.  I will still occasionally buy a blaster here and there and maybe it a monthly feature or if I find a new location to purchase them it will  be back and stronger than ever. 

With the temporary departure of one longtime feature, I figured why not bring back another feature that has been on the shelf for a bit, the Budget eBay Collector.  For those of you new readers that have not seen The Budget eBay Collector before, here is the link to the description of this idea. 

I will be starting up again on June 1st, but not before I get some input from my loyal readers "i.e. you guys."  In the first edition, the only limitations I put on myself were no cards from the "overproduction era" of cards (1986-1993).  The second edition, I made it more difficult by limiting myself to only parallels, serially numbered cards, vintage (1975 and before), and hits.  I completed both successfully.

Now my question for you is, what will the terms of this month's buying adventure be?  Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion or idea for me.  My first thought was to go with an all Hall of Famer attempt, but there are many routes I could go, such as all oddball cards or all non-baseball.  Let me know what you think and the more ideas the better.


Ryan G said...

How about as many cards of players that played on two specific teams? (I.E. played for both the A's and the Giants - I think there's 70-something of them.)

Or left-handed pitchers on inserts and hits?

Oddballs that weren't food issues?

Players with a q in their name?

I got a million of them.

vio789 said...

How about 2000-2001 relic cards only?