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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April Group Break Results from Cardboard Collections

Cardboard Collections

Boxes Busted
1994 Leaf Series 2
1996 Leaf Limited
1996 Topps Laser Series 1

I have 5 group break results coming up this week, so I hope you guys enjoy them.  If not, see you next week.  We go back to Colbey and his wonderful Affordable Group Break (TM?), which has served as the inspiration behind the Quarry Group Break as well, for the first in this week long group break jamboree.  I always get my Rockies from Colbey and I usually try to pick up a second team to help him out and to get myself some trade bait.  This month I chose the Mariners as my second team hoping for a cool Griffey insert.  I was semi-successful with that, but let's take a look at the loot from the break.

A few select Rockies that I got from the Leaf box.  Nothing too special, but it's always nice to get another HoJo as a Rockie card.  He was in Denver for one season but I think there are like 50 cards of him as a Rockie.  Ellis Burks was great in Denver, but I don't really think of him as a Blake Street Bomber (Bichette, Galarraga, Castilla, Walker).  He was just here during the BSB phase of the franchise.

I am not real sure where this came from during the break (probably a bonus pack), but it is a 1995 Pinnacle Sportsflix UC3 Larry Walker.  For those of you that have not seen this set in person, think of the Topps 2020 insert from 2010 and you have it.  I have always like the set, but it was a financial blunder for Pinnacle.

Here are the Rox I got from the Leaf Limited box.  I got the entire team base set, but no inserts or hits.  No complaints.  As far as the set goes, there is nothing really special about it just another shiny set.

I also got the entire team set from the Topps Laser box which consisted of the two cards pictured above.  No inserts or hits here either.  That is pretty much it for a lackluster break for my team, but it happens with a hit or miss team like the Rockies.  You can't win every break, unlike a Yankees or Red Sox fan.

Onto the Mariners.
These are two of the other laser cut designs from Topps Laser.  Pitchers had the fire and fielders got the gold defensive stance.  It is odd that a player such as Edgar Martinez is pictured as a fielder since the main argument for keeping him out of the Hall of Fame was his lack of fielding.  But I'll leave that up to the "gods" that vote for the Hall every year.

Getting a second team showed me that there were subtle differences in the color scheme with Leaf Limited.  The Rox got purple and black, while the M's got green and blue.  Wow, just looking back at Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, and Jay Buhner all in their primes...how did the Mariners not win more World Series' in the 1990s?

Here is the Griffey insert that I got.  It is not the one I was hoping for when I picked the Mariners, but it is still pretty cool.  I was hoping for the wood card that came out of Leaf Limited, but that turned out to be a Sammy Sosa.  Actually two of these Griffey Power Brokers came from the box thanks to a hot pack containing the entire insert set (I miss those), but I donated the other for randomization.  This will probably be the only card I keep from the Mariners part of this break, but I may trade it also.

I got this 1987 Fleer card of first baseman Ken Phelps as well.  The only reason I am showing it is to poke fun at Yankees fans. 

Two unclaimed teams from the break were the Angels and Blue Jays.  I simply asked Colbey if he would include these two cards in my pack and he obliged.  The Bo Jackson is one of the few of him in the final year of his career as an Angel.  The habitually underrated Molitor is just a great photo and about four of them popped out of the box.

This Larry Walker bat card was my result from a simple 1 for 1 hit trade with Colbey.  I sent him a 2009 Topps silk Matt Holliday in his new Cardinals uniform in exchange for this beauty.  It is from 2002 Fleer Platinum Fence Busters.  If anyone has the Todd Helton from this set I am actively looking for it as well.

I am in Colbey's May break also, with the Rockies and Red Sox.  Check back next month for the results of that break.

I will be back tomorrow with one of the two GQ group breaks I was a part of.

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