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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Afternoon Blaster - 2009 Upper Deck O Pee Chee

Welcome to this week's Sunday Afternoon Blaster.  It's been a rough week with very little sleep due to late night storms/tornadoes.  My town was a lot luckier than some, but we didn't know that beforehand.  So this week I am thankful that my town escaped damage and I hope all those negatively affected by these storms can get back to normal as quickly as possible.  Needless to say, I need the distraction of opening some cards today.  So that gets us to this week's set.  This is the first "rerun" that I have had in my Sunday Afternoon Blaster and from the looks of my Wally World it's not going to be the last.  I know of one blogger collecting this set and patiently waiting for me to post a 2nd blaster for a pending trade, so for him and anyone else needing cards from this set here we go.

Card coloration is it's availability

white = I'm keeping it
green = available for trade
red = already claimed/traded

And the best thing about these blasters, the back panel cards

Today's blaster is 2009 Upper Deck O Pee Chee.  15 6 card packs (1 black border per), nothing guaranteed.

On with the show.

pack one
377 Jesse Carlson - Blue Jays - Ryan H
477 Lastings Milledge black border - Nationals
1480 20th UD Retro Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
554 Joe Mauer Moments - Twins - Ryan H
417 Jered Weaver - Angels
176 Jarrod Saltalamacchia - Rangers - Ryan H

pack two
420 John Lackey - Angels - Ryan H
103 Joel Hanrahan - Nationals - Ryan H
202 Brett Gardner black border - Yankees - BABenny
572 Bobby Parnell - Mets - Ryan H
357 Russ Springer - Athletics
238 Mike Hampton - Astros - Ryan H

pack three
129 Carlos Gomez - Twins - Ryan H
459 Jeff Niemann - Rays - Ryan H
364 Troy Tulowitzki black border - Rockies
512 Dodgers team checklist - Dodgers - Ryan H
299 Nelson Cruz - Rangers - Ryan H
298 Gabe Kapler - Rays - Ryan H

pack four
53 B.J. Upton - Rays - Night Owl
361 Ted Lilly - Cubs - Ryan H
209 Hank Blalock - Rangers - Ryan H
FF14 Hanley Ramirez Face of the Franchise - Marlins
20 Brian Roberts black border - Orioles - Ryan H
597 Jordan Schafer - Braves - Ryan H

pack five (nice star pack)
185 Edinson Volquez - Reds - Night Owl
55 Jay Bruce - Reds - Ryan H
80 Lance Berkman - Astros - Ryan H
549 Carlos Zambrano Moments black border - Cubs
513 Giants team checklist - Giants - Ryan H
105 Francisco Liriano - Twins

pack six
328 Brian Buscher - Twins - Ryan H
291 Gary Sheffield - Mets
147 Derrek Lee black border - Cubs
548 Adrian Gonzalez Moments - Padres - Ryan H
475 Hanley Ramirez - Marlins
14 Jason Giambi - Athletics - Ryan H

pack seven
382 Blake DeWitt - Dodgers - Ryan H
474 Mark Buehrle - White Sox
267 Brandon Moss black border - Pirates
580 Matt Tuiasosopo - Mariners - Ryan H
71 Braden Looper - Brewers
60 Adam Dunn - Nationals

pack eight
89 Chris Snyder - Diamondbacks
196 Jeremy Hermida - Marlins - Ryan H
AW9 Tim Lincecum The Award Show insert - Giants
333 Joe Saunders black border - Angels
527 Yankees team checklist - Yankees - BABenny
56 Huston Street - Rockies

pack nine
269 Jose Arredondo - Angels
131 Adam Wainwright - Cardinals - Ryan H
337 Kevin Slowey - Twins
403 Yovani Gallardo black border - Brewers
534 NL HR Leaders (Howard, Dunn, Delgado) - Phillies, Diamondbacks, Mets - BABenny
438 Eddie Guardado - Rangers - Ryan H

pack ten
57 Bobby Crosby - Athletics
198 David Weathers - Reds - Ryan H
142 Edwin Encarnacion - Reds
329 Randy Wolf black border - Dodgers - Spiegel
565 Josh Geer - Padres - Ryan H
454 Jon Lester - Red Sox

pack eleven
393 Mike Cameron - Brewers - Ryan H
400 Evan Longoria - Rays
521 Rays team checklist black border - Rays
520 Pirates team checklist - Pirates - Ryan H
138 J.P. Howell - Rays
206 Ryan Freel - Orioles - Ryan H

pack twelve
324 Chris Coste - Phillies
WK4 J.D. Drew Walk Off Winners insert - Red Sox
405 Chris Dickerson black border - Reds
578 Trevor Crowe - Indians
335 Conor Jackson - Diamondbacks
402 Sean Gallagher - Athletics - Ryan H

pack thirteen
450 Cliff Lee - Indians
257 Pedro Feliz - Phillies - Ryan H
70 Ryan Braun black border - Brewers - Spiegel
1475 20th UD Retro Michael Young - Rangers
555 Fukudome/Theriot Moments - Cubs
79 Raul Ibanez - Phillies - Ryan H

pack fourteen
58 Jose Valverde - Astros - Ryan H
30 Kevin Youkilis - Red Sox
92 Brandon Inge black border - Tigers
NY21 Carlos Delgado New York New York insert - Mets - BABenny
585 Mike Hinckley - Nationals

pack fifteen
252 Aaron Cook - Rockies
308 Jo-Jo Reyes - Braves - Ryan H
MM7 Jimmy Rollins Midsummer Memories insert - Phillies
344 Mike Napoli black border - Angels
533 AL HR Leaders (Cabrera, Quentin, ARod) - Tigers, White Sox, Yankees - BABenny
227 Jason Bay - Red Sox

IMPRESSIONS (caution only about 50% new material, think of it as a self homage)
Design: C+
The design of the set is very simple and yet it somehow works a bit.  It is very reminiscent to me of 1961 Topps (which I don't like) and 1976 Topps (which I do like).  This set fall somewhere in between those two, right about the middle of like and don't like.  I do like the fact that the cards are on cardboard stock, but not the thicker Heritage type cardboard.  More like a slightly thicker overproduction era Topps card.

Inserts / Hits: C+
Once again, I love the Face of the Franchise insert set.  It is just everything a great insert set should be.  The Midsummer Memories and The Award Show are nice ideas, but they don't do anything for me as far as design.  The New York New York is everything wrong with an insert set, because you eliminate 28 teams worth of collectors before you even start with a design.  The "new" insert in this blaster was Walk Off Winners which would be good except the one I got celebrates a walk off single, which is kind of lame honestly.

Value: B+
How can you complain about 15 packs of cards from 2009 for $12?  Well I mean, I have complained a bit, but none of it has to do with the price.  This would get an A+ with a guaranteed hit, but still pretty good anyway.

Rox in the Box: 3
Great for me.  All 3 of the Rox in this box were needed by me, which was difficult because I nearly had the whole base team set (well not nearly but I had over half).  Anytime I get a Tulo, let alone a parallel Tulo, it's a good day.  I am very happy with this selection.

Will I Collect This Set: D
Well, after seeing it in person and with all the C+'s, I have decided to not pursue collecting this set.  I like it, but I don't like it enough and you can't collect everything (at least not on my budget).  I will be pursuing the Face of the Franchise insert set though.

Overall: C+
A nice "throwback" set, but overall kind of average.  The best thing about this blaster is the cards on the back of the box.  They really bring back memories of my ten year old self asking the local store clerks if they had any empty card boxes that I could have.  Claim away.


Captain Canuck said...

I can't believe of all the cards I need, you didn't get a single one.

Captain Canuck said...

wait... do we have a trade in the works???

crap... I think I forgot about another one... we did, didn't we?

Ryan H said...

Relax Captain, I believe hiflew was talking about me.

Johnny, I'll send you an email sometime today!

night owl said...

Claiming #53 B.J. Upton and #185 Edison Volquez, two of the 5 cards I need to complete the set!

BA Benny said...

I can use the NY21 Carlos Delgado New York New York insert - Mets and any of the Yankees you got (I have all the base Mets)

Nathan said...

I'd have to disagree with the C+ on the design, the base and the inserts are both As in my book. I definitely think this is one of the best designs of the last few years.

hiflew said...


I don't disagree that the design is not really worthy of a C+ (perhaps a B+ or B) in and of itself. What drags it down in my mind is the extremely lackluster photography in the set. Out of all the cards I got the Ryan Freel was the most interesting base photograph and it isn't that great.

Potch said...

Night Owl: I sent you Upton the other day. Worried you didn't get it. Maybe by tomorrow.

If you don't need it or, Mr. Quarry, you still have it once this is all said and done, I'd like to claim it as I inadvertently sent my only one. :) Silly me!

Sir Quarry: I'll send you a note when I get settled. I wouldn't mind Bruce and a few others. Thanks.

flywheels said...

My local Wally World has a TON of these discounted blasters! I may break down and buy one eventually...

Spiegel83 said...

Johnny, may I claim the Wolf black border and the Braun black border? Thanks.