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Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #9 Seattle Mariners Part 2





My Top 5 Mariners Cards
1. Jesus Sucre (orange)
2. James Jones (orange)
3. Mike Zunino (red)
4. Chris Denorfia (purple)
5. Tom Wilhelmsen (red)

I have said several times that there weren't as many good play at the plate photos this year, but it seems like I have a good one with every team so maybe I misstated my position just a bit.  The flying dirt balls really adds to the Sucre and makes it arguably the best PATP card so far.  The James Jones photo is a really good fielding photo.  Topps must agree because they used the same photo in 2014 Update.  The Zunino is a really good shot of a catcher in motion.  Give me a shot of a catcher in gear and in motion and I will show you a good card.  The Denorfia is a good example of the "seat in the crowd" perspective that is present in several really good cards this year.  If those types of photos become a staple of sets for the next few years, you will not get any complaints out of me.  Finally the Wilhelmsen showcases one of the better throwback uniforms around.  If it was just a throwback this card wouldn't be top 5 material, but what really pushes this card up is the high stirrups.  Other than the cap, they are the greatest accessory ever for a ball player.

Coming tomorrow - #10 Cincinnati Reds

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #9 Seattle Mariners Part 1

I'll start off today by apologizing for missing my post on Thursday.  I was gone for obvious reasons, but had it set up as a scheduled post.  However, I forgot to hit publish and therefore the post did not happen.  In order to keep to my normal schedule I am going to forgo my "day off" on Sunday and post Part 2 of the Mariners then.  But before I do that, I need to post Part 1 of the Mariners today, so let's roll.

I have mixed feelings with just about things Seattle.  I like that the Mariners had a fairly successful season especially considering the past few seasons when they were less than successful.  I don't like that they turned into a Dodgers/Yankees type franchise to buy Robinson Cano in order to make that success happen.  I have always been a much bigger fan of building a team through the farm, trades, and even bargain free agents.  I don't like a team being built simply because Team A has more money than their competition.  I don't think the Mariners are quite on the Dodgers/Yankees/Angels/Red Sox level yet, but a couple more Cano-type signings and they are right there.  That being said, I still like the Mariners overall.  However, they are on a slippery slope.


Total # of Mariners in 2014 - 44

# of new Mariners in 2014 - 16

Best score in 2014 - July 1 at Astros 13-2; September 16 at Angels 13-2

Worst score in 2014 - September 22 at Blue Jays 14-4

Border color that worked best with this team - Orange

Border color that worked least with this team - Green

Position on last year's list - #8 = DOWN 1

Let's take a look at the first half of the 2014 Seattle Mariners with the manager's card leading the way.




I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2.  As usual, your thoughts are always welcome and encouraged.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #8 Cleveland Indians Part 2





My Top 5 Indians Cards
1. Mike Aviles (green)
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (orange)
3. Nyjer Morgan (green)
4. Jose Ramirez (blue)
5. Jason Kipnis (blue)

The Aviles is definitely in consideration for Best Card of the Set.  It's just about a guarantee to be in my top 5.  On just about any other team, the Cabrera would have easily been #1.  Just a fantastic middle infielder card.  I don't remember the complete story behind the Morgan photo, but it is definitely an amusing image.  It's just one of those shots that really reminds you of the actual game behind the business that baseball has become.  The Ramirez is a case of excellent timing by the photographer.  Either half a second earlier or later and that is a fairly boring shot, but as is it makes Ramirez look very "Matrix-like" in his delivery.  Finally, the Kipnis is a photo that really works for this set and its randomly chosen border color.  It almost perfectly fits with the inner order and the blue really sets that photo apart.  I don't think any other color would have worked nearly as well with that photo.

Coming tomorrow - #9 Seattle Mariners

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