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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - AL All Stars

I mentioned on Monday that the design I used for the managers was in reality the All Star subset in 1988 Score.  Since I used the old All Star design for managers, that meant I needed to come up with something new for the All Stars.  The first thing that popped into my mind was to use the main design with a different colored border.  I originally decided on a black border with gray highlights.  After I made all of the cards, that color scheme just didn't feel right.  So I went back to the drawing board, well actually I just went back to the color palette.  I was suddenly struck with the old mnemonic device to teach the colors of the rainbow, Roy G. Biv.  Of those seven colors, six were represented as the borders in 1988 Score.  The remaining color was the often forgotten indigo.  I decided that would be my All Star border and since it was a light color I would pair it with the red player and position names that went with the yellow bordered cards.

I also needed another design element to really signify an All Star subset.  I then thought about the part of the original design that I eliminated from my remade set, the three star pattern.  I played around with a few different ways of presenting the All Star logo and eventually came up with this look.

I thought it worked really well.  It really reminded me a bit of the 1970s Topps All Star logos.  So let's go ahead and check out the American League All Stars.

How did I do with these?  I'll be back tomorrow with the (slightly more photogenic IMO) National League All Stars. 

Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

Wow, those look terrific! Beats the crap out of Update's All-Star subset. Can't wait to see more.

Marcus said...

I'm sure it's happened SOMETIME, but it seems like it's hard to make a bad looking Altuve card. Great job on these.

deal said...

Glad your back, it's fun watching your custom cards again.

Zippy Zappy said...

I'm sort of disappointed that Dellin Betances didn't get a card but considering how he didn't play (nor did Buerhle, Price, Tanaka, Gordon, Encarnacion or V-Mart) I don't blame you.

Great customs regardless though :).