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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #7 Tampa Bay Rays Part 2





My Top 5 Rays Cards
1. David Price (purple)
2. Curt Casali (rookie prospects)
3. Ali Solis (green)
4. Alex Cobb (green)
5. Ryan Hanigan (blue)

The Rays have been near the bottom among good photos over the past two years of the Quarry Unlimited set.  This year, they might have the best card of the set.  Sorry for the upcoming bad pun, but the Price is definitely right here.  Unfortunately after the trade of David Price to the Tigers, that photo will probably never be seen on real cardboard.  That's a big reason why I do multiple cards for traded players.  For obvious reasons, the Rookie Prospect cards had a much smaller photo selection than the majority of the others.  However, the Casali turned out as one of the best from that subset.  The Solis is cropped a bit weird, but I think it still worked.  The really good play at the plate cards were virtually non-existent this year.  The whole throwback uniform trend is basically just a money grab, especially for the Rays who created "What if" throwback uniforms to occasionally wear.  That being said, those uniforms look awesome.  I would be perfectly okay if the Rays adopted that look as their actual uniform.  The Ryan Hanigan card just makes me smile.  If anyone ever needed a photo to define the phrase "What the *uck?" the Hanigan would definitely be it.

Coming tomorrow - #8 Cleveland Indians

Thanx for reading.

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