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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gint-a-Cuffs #4 Packs #20-24 Grand Finale

Hey guys.  I have been a too bit busy with real life to post anything recently.  Although I have tried to maintain a presence by commenting on other blogs.  I am going to make a quick Gint A Cuffs post just to wrap it up under the wire.  I will hopefully be back to regular posting sooner rather than later.


Total through pack #19 - 159 pts.

Pack 20:                                             
51        Tim Collins (0 pts)
64        Ricky Romero (0 pts)
65        Ryan Howard             (0 pts)
aom10 Sarcopterygii (Tiktaalik) Ascent of Man (+1 pt AOM insert)

agr-rd  Ryan Dempster Framed Relic (+10 pts relic)

24        Kristi Yamaguchi Mini (0 pts)
hh70    Troy Tulowitzki Hometown Heroes (+4 My FP,+1 Rockies,+1 HH insert) +6 total

Pack total: 17 pts
Running total - 176 pts

Pack 21:                                             
97        Zach Britton (0 pts)
28        John Lindsey (0 pts)
231      CJ Wilson (0 pts)
123      Rajai Davis (0 pts)
21        Logan Morrison (0 pts)
326      Jason Castro SP (+2 pts SP)

sru5     The Human Cannonball Step Right Up (+3 pts SRU mini)

hh50    Josh Hamilton Hometown Heroes (+2 FP list +1 HH insert) +3 pts total

Pack total: 8 pts
Running total - 184 pts

Pack 22:                                             
59        Jeremy Jeffress (0 pts)
102      Wandy Rodriguez (0 pts)
17        Jonathan Papelbon (0 pts)
285      Alex Rios (0 pts)
19        Daniel Bard (0 pts)
aom3   Choanoflagellates Ascent of Man (+1 pt AOM insert)

ap17    Orangutan Animals in Peril (+3 pts AP mini)

hh100  Travis Snider Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 5 pts
Running total - 189 pts

Pack 23:                                             
190      Sue Bird (0 pts)
136      Dick Vitale (+1 pt the Commish thinks he isn’t annoying for some reason)

74        Torii Hunter (0 pts)
141      Vernon Wells (0 pts)
82        Scott Rolen (0 pts)
305      Justin Morneau SP (+2 pts SP)

ug2      The White House Uninvited Guests (+3 pts UG mini)

mmf15 Isaac Newton  Minds the Made the Future (+2 pts MMF insert)

Pack total: 8 pts
Running total - 197 pts

Pack 24:                                             
165      Jo Frost (0 pts)
89        John Axford (0 pts)
115      Shin-Soo Choo (0 pts)
219      Johan Santana (0 pts)
252      Omar Infante (0 pts)
18        Daniel Hudson Crack the Code (+3 pts Code card)

107      L.L. Zamenhof Mini Black Border (+3 MBB, +2 Zamenhof) +5 pts total

hh65    Adrian Gonzalez Hometown Heroes (+2 FP list +1 HH insert) +3 pts total

Pack total: 11 pts
Running total - 208 pts

There you have it.  I did break the 200 point barrier and got quite a few Rockies.  Overall (perhaps not surprisingly) I am not impressed with this set.  I am not surprised primarily because I have not liked any of the A&G sets in general.  It is mostly the non-baseball players that turns me off, but the colored gas cloud behind the players has always been too odd for me.  Everything from these packs is for trade excluding the Tulo and AOM inserts (the only ones I like this go around).

I will have a state of the blog post probably tomorrow explaining my absence and other things.  I thank those of you that have inquired about my sudden disappearance.  I guess that means I have made an impression on some people.  Thank you.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gint-a-Cuffs #4 Packs #15-19

Okay I am back from my Ubaldo pout-fest 2011 with my next set of packs for Gint a Cuffs

Points through pack #14 - 122

Sure the joke is old now, but after tomorrow you won't have to see it again for another year.

Pack 15:                                             
256      Hunter Pence (+2 pts FP list)

162      Mat Latos (0 pts)
18        Daniel Hudson (0 pts)
167      Adam LaRoche (0 pts)
193      Jorge De La Rosa (+1 Rockies)

249      Carlos Ruiz Crack the Code (+3 pts CTC card)

64        Ricky Romero Mini A&G Back (+2 pts AG back)

hh36    Gordon Beckham Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 9 pts
Running total - 131 pts

Nice JDLR card in this pack.  The Colorado season went to hell as soon as he went down with his TJ injury.  The Crack the Code makes its first appearance in my box here as well.  Good luck to all of you attempting this one, but I don’t understand the point.

Pack 16:                                             
294      Jacoby Ellsbury (0 pts)
168      Carlos Marmol (0 pts)
266      Chris Coghlan (0 pts)
280      Adam Wainwright (0 pts)
347      Josh Thole Crack the Code / SP (+3 pts CTC card, +2 SP) +5 total

aom1   Prokayotes Ascent of Man (+1 pt AOM insert)

330      CC Sabathia Mini SP (+3 pts SP mini, -1 DAMN Yankee) +2 pts total

hh97    Brandon Morrow Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 9 pts
Running total - 140 pts
Another pretty good pack here with a second Crack the Code and a short print at that.  I wonder if I should have sold the image on eBay since it is a shortie.  The Yankees make an appearance in this pack to bring my running total up to Rockies 8 Yankees 4.   this might be the first box ever with more Rox than Yanks.  My second AOM card is the first and my first was the last.  I never consider myself close to completing a set until I have both the first and last cards.  Here I got those two first, so I got that going for me.
Pack 17:                                             
45        Annika Sorenstam (0 pts)
196      Jered Weaver (0 pts)
111      Pablo Sandoval (0 pts)
113      Miguel Montero (0 pts)
265      Buster Posey (0 pts)
156      Marlon Byrd (0 pts)
99        Placido Polanco Mini A&G Back (+2 pts AG back)

hh74    Jayson Werth Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 3 pts
Running total - 143 pts
Run of the mill, at best, pack here.  The only pack worse than this one points-wise was the earlier one with 2 Bearded Douches, aka Brian Wilson.  This one has 2 Giants as well, Fat Panda and Ray Fosse Jr.  I think Giants are officially the worst team for Gint-a-Cuffs purposes.  I know they are the worst for my purposes.
Pack 18:                                             
220      Prince Fielder (0 pts)
297      Travis Hafner (0 pts)
268      Dallas Braden (0 pts)
AGA-CWO    Chuck Woolery Framed Autograph (+10 framed autograph)

wmf2   The Poe Toaster World’s Most Mysterious Figures (+3 WMF mini)

hh58    Jimmy Rollins Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 14 pts
Running total - 157 pts
Okay as contrary as I have been about the Ginter set, even I can’t contain a smile at getting a Chuck Woolery auto.  I remember him more from the game show Scrabble (my favorite as a kid), but most remember him as the Love Connection guru.   I wonder if this card entitles the card producers to pay for a second box if I agree.
Pack 19:                                             
234      Chrissie Wellington (0 pts)
40        John McEnroe (-1 pt being a loudmouth jerk)

291      Grady Sizemore (0 pts)
53        Chipper Jones (0 pts)
300      Ryan Braun (0 pts)
303      Jaime Garcia SP (+2 pts SP)

29        Johnny Cueto Mini (0 pts)
hh53    Justin Verlander Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total: 2 pts
Running total - 159 pts
Well that is a crappy pack to end the day on.  3 players that scored nothing could have been someone’s favorite player.  I am shocked that Braun wasn’t picked in fact.  He seems to have that rare crossover collectability for non-Brewer fans, like a Pujols or Maddux.