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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just a Quick Check In and the First Cards of the Newest Rockies (assuming they sign)

Hey everybody.  I hope you all haven't forgotten about me.  I have been hard at work both in real life and on the 2015 Quarry Unlimited set which is moving along at a really nice pace.  I think it looks really good so far with the exception of a couple of teams (White Sox, A's) that just won't satisfy me.  But I should have those minor issues worked out by the time I am ready to show it off.

Anyway the main reason I checked in today is to show off the first? cards of the newest Rockies draft picks.  Of course I didn't Photoshop fake Rockies uniforms on players that have never worn them, so you will see some unfamiliar uniforms to say the least.  I am using the templates from each of the first three years (1986 Topps, 1977 Topps, 1988 Score) of the Quarry Unlimited series to showcase the new guys.  Let's take a look at the future Coors Field superstars.

Round 1 Pick #3 Brendan Rodgers - high school SS

Rodgers was called the best "talent" in the draft by several sources.  I like this pick a lot more than reaching for a pitcher.  The great news is that he has reportedly already agreed to terms with the Rockies and will probably begin his career in either Grand Junction or the Rockies new affiliate in Boise.

 Round 1 Pick #27 Mike Nikorak - high school P

 This is the pick that the Rockies got for losing Michael Cuddyer.  Nikorak is rated very high and he sports a 97 MPH fastball, but then again so does everyone else nowadays.  Although unlike everyone else, Nikorak throws a knuckle curve which I am excited to see in action.  Like Rodgers, I think he will begin his career in either Grand Junction or Boise and he will probably be a starter.

  Round 1 Pick #38 Tyler Nevin - high school 3B

 With their competitive balance selection the Rockies took third baseman Tyler Nevin.  In case that name sounds familiar, yes he is the son of former overall #1 pick Phil Nevin.  The younger Nevin is projected to be a big time power prospect and will probably end up at either first base, third base, or the outfield.

Round 2 Pick #44 Peter Lambert - high school P

Finishing off the Rockies first day was their second round pick Peter Lambert.  I am a bit more worried about this pick because Lambert's best pitch is his curve ball and those tend to not work very good at altitude.  He is also going to be a starter more than likely because he does have 4 pitches.  

The best thing about Lambert has to be that he attended San Dimas High School in California.  I don't know anything about the baseball team at that school, but I know for a fact that San Dimas High School football rules.


I will probably be checking in a few more times before the season finishes, but I still want to spend my time working on my customs.  I feel I contribute more to the community by taking a sabbatical while doing the Quarry Unlimited set instead of making bad jokes and forgotten 80s references a few times a week.

Thanx for reading.