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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RTP #35 - Special Guest Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard

Welcome to the latest edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  I hope to eventually get these caught up after the group break, but the going will be slow for a bit.  Tonight's special guest is Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard.  Kirk is a self described "dork" (who among us isn't) that is also a collector of Orioles autographs.  Could there have been a better place for a 1/1 of an Orioles prospect to end up.  I traded Kirk the 1/1 Xavier Avery I pulled during this box break.  In return for it and some random Orioles I got a fair share of great cards.  Here they are.

We will start off with a 2004 Upper Deck Reflections #161 Larry Walker solid purple jersey card.  I am not a big fan of including the relic cards as a regular numbered part of the set, which some sets did in the jersey explosion from 2001-2005.  They are special and should be treated as such, but set collectors are usually not interested in them and they should be respected as well.  Okay, the love in is now over, back to cards.

The second jersey card I received is this 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Larry Walker #'d 069/100.  As great as that scan is, I think the card looks even better in person.  No wasted space, all needed information included, no useless info.  Just a great card, even with just the plain gray swatch.

I really wanted to get three relics for my auto, but Kirk only had 2 Rockies.  So I did what any good trader would do, I asked for the card that I thought I might be able to flip later the easiest.  And that brings us to this 2007 Fleer Ultra Mike Piazza bat card.  Sure he is pictured with the A's, but it is still A Mike Piazza bat card.  Anybody interested in this one?  Just give me a buzz.

One of the sets from my youth that I am attempting to finish is 1992 Donruss.  I have the base set complete, but I needed 5 of the hard to pull Diamond Kings.  Kirk stepped up with 3 of those 5.  It's not that I didn't like Diamond Kings, but to me the Rated Rookies are what I think of when I think of Donruss.  Diamond Kings were always just there, I didn't dislike them, but they were just another card to me.  BTW, the 2 remaining DKs I need are Dave Justice and Greg Swindell (remember him?).

Here we have two Topps team cards that I needed as well.  There is a good team photo and a bad team photo here.  The 2005 version on the left is an excellent team photo.  The 2006 version on the right is awful, because of one thing.  Why pose everyone behind a wall?  The bad thing is the background of the 2006 shot is better, but the wall just takes away from it.

Here are couple of recent Topps cards that I needed.  I only need a few cards from 2010 Series 1 (Series 2 and U&H are complete) to have the complete team set.  With 2011 I need only card #141 for the base team set.

Thanks again Kirk for the trade.  Check out his pursuit of Oriole autos here along with some other interesting reading.  That just about wraps up another edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tune in next time for a small Heritage trade with a Mets collector visiting the Quarry for the first time.  Until then, we are officially signed off.


Greg Zakwin said...

Well, if nobody has laid claim to the Piazza, I'll jump in and find something for you. A future trade has been born, perhaps?

hiflew said...

Sounds good. I expected one of you Dodger guys to jump on the offer.

BA Benny said...

Missed it by a few minutes. Maybe next time. Some great lookin cards you scored there too.

Greg Zakwin said...

Sweet. I'll e-mail you when I come up with something, if you wouldn't mind setting it aside for me.

hiflew said...

I don't mind waiting a bit and sorry Mike, but you know how quick Zakwin is.

Greg Zakwin said...

Gracias. And I wasn't that quick this time haha. Just lucky is all.