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Monday, May 2, 2011

DISCOUNTED Teams Remaining in the May Quarry Group Break

These are the remaining teams in the first Quarry group break.  After comments about certain teams and researching what was available in the boxes I have decided to adjust prices for the remaining teams.  The numbers before are the number of base cards for that team possible in each set.  The first # is both series of 98 Bowman, then 03 Bazooka, then 04 Bazooka.  The numbers do not include inserts or hits.

I have ordered the boxes and am about 5 buys away from breaking even (including shipping costs) and anything over that allows for more cards for everyone.

$10 ($8 as a second team)
15, 11, 10, (Glaus RC, Salmon) Angels - The Angels in Order
12, 9, 10, (Biggio, Oswalt) Astros -
14, 10, 9, (Halladay, Delgado) Blue Jays  - moremonkeys183 (Crinkly Wrappers)
16, 9, 11, (R.Johnson, Webb) Diamondbacks -
12, 17, 9, (Griffey, Ichiro) Mariners -
21, 11, 10, (Adrian Gonzalez, Beckett) Marlins -
15, 8, 9, (Markakis, Ripken) Orioles -Ryan H.
13, 11, 13, (Gwynn, Hoffman) Padres -
18, 11, 5, (Bay, A.Ramirez) Pirates -
17, 9, 7, (Boggs, Josh Hamilton) Rays -
20, 11, 11, (Guzman RC, Mauer) Twins -
12, 12, 10, (Ordonez RC, Lee RC) White Sox - Darren

$8 ($7 as a second team)
10, 6, 8, (Weeks RC, Sheets) Brewers - cynicalbuddha
17, 5, 7, (Vlad, Pavano) Expos -
11, 7, 8, (Teixeira, ARod) Rangers - Playattheplate
11, 8, 5, (Larkin, Griffey) Reds - Darren
12, 4, 13, (Beltran, Greinke) Royals -
12, 4, 6, (Carlos Pena, Young) Tigers -

Payment for all can be sent via Paypal GIFT ONLY to cardsfromthequarryATyahooDOTcom.  All proceeds above cost will be used for additional packs and/or boxes.


Potch said...

Greetings. I'd like to help out so sign me up for the White Sox (huh? yep!) and the Reds. I'll hope to pull a couple for my player collections.

This mostly covers an era where I had Sox partial season tix. I have a strong attachment to the 1999 through 2005 Sox teams and players as a result.


Ryan H said...

In the interest of helping another blogger I'll go ahead and bite on the Orioles for 10 bucks. I'm sending payment momentarily.

cynicalbuddha said...

OK I'm in for the Brewers, I'll be sending payment now.

moremonkeys138 said...

I'll be down for the Jays.

(Got your cards in the mail today, thanks!)

vio789 said...

i would do this except I dont pay by Paypal a whole lot. Maybe next time though.