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Thursday, May 5, 2011

LAST CALL for the May Quarry Group Break...Several good teams remaining

I figured I would get one last plug in for the May Quarry group break.  If you do not know yet, the following boxes are going to be broken.  These boxes are already in hand and the break will start Saturday.

1998 Bowman Series 1
1998 Bowman Series 2
2003 Bazooka
2004 Bazooka

There is also going to be a previously unannounced bonus box

2008 Upper Deck Documentary hobby box (the perfect set for a group break) - not yet in hand
Ryan H from O No Another Orioles Blog and purchaser of the Orioles in this break is generously donating some surprise loose packs as well that he is mailing as part of a prior trade package with me. 

The following teams are remaining in the group break.

$10 ($8 as a second team)
Astros -
Diamondbacks -
Mariners -
Marlins -
Padres - Community Gum Jon
Pirates -
(Devil) Rays -
Twins - Play at the Plate

$8 ($7 as a second team)
Expos -
Royals -
Tigers -

Join the party it should be fun with a minimum of 6 hits possible and a lot of cards for everyone.

Once again the payment deadline (except for two prior arranged payments through the mail) is Saturday at noon Eastern time.  I will be posting them over the next week or two and hopefully can get this done within two weeks assuming everything comes in in time.


Nachos Grande said...

Mmm, somehow I missed the sign-ups for this - I'll pay attention for your next break and try to snag the Reds - especially if it is for sets with Larkins that I don't yet own!

Community Gum said...

I was trying to rationalize spending $10 for the Padres when my chances of getting a couple Gwynn cards were pretty low. But..adding the Documentary box means more Maddux cards I need could be in there.
I'm in! Payment will be sent shortly!

hiflew said...

Thanx Jon. I will do my best to pull a Gwynn or two for you.

Play at the Plate said...

Throw me down for the Twins too Johnny. I've got your stuff going out on Friday. Thanks!