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Saturday, May 14, 2011

RTP #36 - Special Guest Jason from Clear Cut Cards

Welcome to this edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tonight's special guest is Jason (aka TheBrooklynMet) from Clear Cut Cards.  In case you can't figure it out from his screen name, Jason collects Mets along with a few player collections including Mike Piazza and John Olerud.  This trade started out being a simple 2 for 2 base Heritage trade and morphed into a larger trade like most good trades do.  Here is a sampling of what Jason sent to me.

Since it has been over a week since the last TRTP, I wanted to start with our Todd Helton card of the day.  This embossed beauty is a 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot base card.  I am starting to dislike the term "base card" because it has begun to imply a less than desirable card.  Actually, I guess I don't really mind the term as much as the connotation. 

Up next we have a 2008 Bowman Chrome Brad Hawpe.  I like this set primarily because it is one of the few recent Bowman sets without a black border.  Black borders are cool, but Bowman has done them to death. 

Here is a Garret Atkins from 2009 Upper Deck Icons.  I would really like to see Atkins make a comeback, he is still young-ish and was great for about two years.  He was released by the Pirates this spring training so a comeback is not likely, but like they say keep hope alive.  A 2010 Topps 206 Chris Iannetta features him doing his best Uncle Fester impersonation (ask your parents kids).

We have a new addition to my "One of Every Rockie" collection.  Livan Hernandez bring me up to nearly 50 % completion at 205/412 not including new 2011 players.  My realistic goal is to get to 300 by the end of the year.  Since a lot of Rockies never had a card made in (a Rockie) uniform, it will still be tough to get to 300.  Brandon Hynick is currently in AAA with the ChiSox after the Rox traded him for a few months of Jose Contreras.

Here is one of the two Heritage cards that I mentioned earlier.  I forgot to scan the second one and have since forgotten which it was, but as a guess let's go with Mike Lowell (probably not right, but it seems plausible).  Anyway this is a Derek Lowe with his floppy hair.  I have never liked Derek Lowe, no matter what team he is on.  I have absolutely no idea why, its just true.

Finally Jason sent some of the 2010 Topps set that I did not even collect due to a financial sabbatical from collecting last year.  Boy, financial sabbatical sounds so much better than unemployed and poor.  This group helped bring Series 2 to a close and now I just have a few from Series 1 to knock out.

Thanks again Jason for the trade and I hope you enjoyed your cards.  Don't forget to check out his blog here for his Mets musings and other stuff.  Well that just about wraps up another edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Join me next time for a first time visit from a Diamondbacks fan (yes, there is one).  Until then, we are officially signed off.

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