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Monday, May 23, 2011

A couple of quick group break plugs

Hey all, I just wanted to throw in a couple of group break plugs (that I am part of) for my fellow bloggers in Internetland. 

Indians Baseball Cards - David is doing a Buck-A-Box style break meaning he is opening 5 boxes and if your team has possible cards in that box you pay $1 for them.  Teams start as low as $3 (c'mon cheaper than a single pack).  He is busting 2 boxes of 2011 Bowman along with 2009 A&G, 1990 Topps Head Up, and 1988 Sportflics!  Cubs, Reds, A's and others all still available for $5.  Let's help a guy out.

The Daily Dimwit - Sam is at it again this month with a CASE of 2006 Upper Deck Ovation.  The cost is $30 but that will get you your team plus one random team.  There are three slots left and several surprising good teams are still available.

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