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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rockies Week in Review #4

Since the Rockies had Monday off and I was busy with life in general, I pushed the Week in Review to today.

Overall Record
17-9 1st Place NL West by 4 games

Record for the Week

An increase in the division lead by one game.  Apparently, the Dodgers decided to not take over the led this week Spiegel.  hee hee.  The Rox went 2-0 vs. the Cubbies with one rainout rescheduled for June 27th oddly placed in the middle of interleague play.  It didn't work out so well vs. Pirates winning only 1 of the 3 games.  Although, Colorado did win the now completed season series with the Pirates 4-3.  A winning week and an increase in the divisional lead is never a bad thing so I am tentatively happy with most performances.

Most Valuable Rockies Batter of the Week
Todd Helton

Todd Helton has quietly been having a great season.  He has been moved back to 3rd from 5th in the lineup with CarGo's slump still in effect (although he is starting to come around). This week he led the team in hits, home runs, and RBIs.  I think he has a really good shot at NL comeback player of the year.

Least Valuable Rockies Batter of the Week
Jose Lopez

Coming into the year I thought second base would be the Rox weak spot in the lineup.  That has not been true because Jonathan Herrera has been effective so far.  Third base however has had performances ranging from mediocre to abysmal.  Ian Stewart has already been sent to the minors to get his bat and head together.  Jose Lopez is just bad.  He is hitting around .150 for the year and needs to be benched for Ty Wigginton as soon as possible.

Most Valuable Rockies Pitcher of the Week
Jorge de la Rosa

De la Rosa has been the ace so far this year.  He won again to bring his record to 4-0 with a 2.61 ERA.  He beat the Cubs in the game I personally got to watch.  After having a semi-rough start, he settled in and was nearly unhittable after the second inning.  I also gave consideration to Jason Hammel who again pitched very well in beating the Pirates.

Least Valuable Rockies Pitcher of the Week
Ubaldo Jimenez

It pains me to see how badly Ubaldo is pitching this year.  Granted it is only a month, but his ERA is 7 runs higher that this time last year.  The big question is, is this month's performance a fluke or has he lost it?  For the moment, I am going with the the former and will continue to root him on.  I also gave consideration to Esmil Rogers for a 2nd straight week,, because he pitched worse than Ubaldo but he did get a win against the Cubs.  So he gets a pass this week, but he needs to step it up because there are enough starters in AAA to easily replace him.

Next on the Horizon
6 straight divisional road games with 3 @ the Diamondbacks and 3 @ the Giants

A big week coming up with the two divisional opponent that we have already played this year.  I am hoping for a 5-1 week with the loss coming to the D-Backs.  But that might just be wishful thinking.

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