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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's Afternoon Blaster - 2008 Upper Deck Timeline

I am back with the Sunday Afternoon Blaster following last week's group break.  I have previously opened one blaster of this set and it got a few trades going.  So I figured why not try again especially since there is 1 guaranteed jersey card in the blaster.  My goals are to get a Rockie jersey of course or at least a team that is tradable and to get 1 or 2 of the 5 Rox I need for the team set. 

Card coloration is it's availability

white = I'm keeping it
green = available for trade
red = already claimed/traded

Today's blaster is 2008 Upper Deck Timeline.  10 6 card packs, one guaranteed jersey.

On with the show.

pack one
9 Mark Teixeira - Angels
27 Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
18 Ryan Braun - Brewers
319 Max Scherzer - Diamondbacks - Night Owl
105 Clay Timpner - Giants
251 J.R. Towles - Astros

pack two
45 Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
50 Erik Bedard - Mariners
23 Matt Kemp - Dodgers
51 Daric Barton - Athletics
170 Ryan Howard - Phillies
207 Ryan Garko - Indians

pack three
5 Johan Santana - Mets
41 Justin Verlander - Tigers - Potch Wheeler
14 Derrek Lee - Cubs
83 Eugenio Velez - Giants
173 Chin-Lung Hu - Dodgers
199 Kosuke Fukudome - Cubs - Night Owl

pack four
32 Daisuke Matsuzaka - Red Sox
15 Jason Bay - Red Sox
33 B.J. Upton - Rays
6 Hanley Ramirez - Marlins
114 Fred Lewis - Giants
223 David Ortiz - Red Sox - Night Owl

pack five
42 Joe Mauer - Twins
24 Matt Holliday - Rockies
43 Alex Gordon - Royals
16 Lance Berkman - Astros
56 Blake DeWitt - Dodgers
155 Carlos Zambrano - Cubs

pack six
34 Nick Markakis - Orioles
7 John Smoltz - Braves
25 Brandon Webb - Diamondbacks
122 Matt Joyce - Tigers
181 Brandon Boggs - Rangers - Night Owl
305 Carl Crawford - Rays - Night Owl

pack seven
22 Jake Peavy - Padres
40 Miguel Cabrera - Tigers - Potch Wheeler
13 Alfonso Soriano - Cubs
too large set of the year
YSL 4494 Reggie Jackson - Yankees
74 Justin Ruggiano - Rays
137 Jake Peavy - Padres - Night Owl

pack eight
49 Felix Hernandez - Mariners
4 Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
31 Manny Ramirez - Dodgers
12 Jimmy Rollins - Phillies
119 Joey Votto - Reds - Potch Wheeler
227 Jed Lowrie - Red Sox - AdamE

pack nine
48 Ichiro - Mariners
21 Tim Lincecum - Giants
39 C.C. Sabathia - Brewers
92 Robinzon Diaz - Blue Jays
146 Felix Hernandez - Mariners - Night Owl
208 Seth Smith - Rockies

pack ten
29 Chien-Ming Wang - Yankees
130 Tyler Clippard - Nationals - Night Owl
263 Justin Morneau - Twins - Night Owl
TM-AJ Andruw Jones - Dodgers (Braves uniform)

Design: B+
I like the design of this set.  The base veterans and rookies are nice looking with the team color as the secondary color.  The subsets from 101-385 are mostly well selected, especially the die cut SP Top Prospects design. 

Inserts / Hits: B-
Woohoo it wasn't Jermaine Dye this time.  Although getting a Dodger isn't great for me personally, it is great for one of you many Dodger guys that read along with my bull.  Having him in a Braves uniform is vintage Upper Deck.  That is one of the reasons I honestly do not miss them from the baseball card world.

Value: B
This is yet another $11.99 blaster removed from my local Wal Mart's inventory and added to mine.  A good checklist and the guaranteed jersey in the box made it a must buy for me.  If there were more there I would probably pick up another.  Not a bad product overall.

Rox in the Box: 2
Alright!  I got one of the short prints I needed in Seth Smith.  The Holliday I have probably 5 of, but the Smith is great.

Will I Collect This Set: D
I am not collecting this set for one reason and one reason only...short prints.  The veterans (cards 1-50) are the only regular prints in this 385 card set.  The rookies (51-100) fall around 1:2 packs.  I also noticed that several of the SPs I got in this blaster I also got in the previous blaster.  I am completely convinced not to attempt this set now.

Overall: B-
I liked everything about this set overall except the insanity of the printing.  If cards 1-310 were regular and the last 75 short prints, I probably would've started (and hopefully finished) this set 3 years ago.  This was a fun blaster overall.  Everything is for trade, let the claiming begin.


AdamE said...

i would like for you to set that Lowrie aside for me. I think you have a stack started already...

night owl said...

As a Dodger fan, I can't even get myself to request the Jones relic. Something about him appearing as a Brave and sucking for two years.

But as you know I'm collecting the set. If you could set aside: 130, 137, 146, 181, 199, 223, 263, 305 and 319, that'd be great.

(And I had a double of that Smith SP, too. Oh well)

Potch said...

Please set aside:

#119 - Joey Votto
#40 - Miguel Cabrera
#41 - Justin Verlander
#18 - Ryan Garko

I'll see in the morning what I can offer to you.