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Monday, May 9, 2011

Quarry Group Break - Bonus Bonanza Part 1

Hey guys, as I mentioned earlier I got both packs of bonus material in the mail today and wasn't as busy as I thought I would be today.  So let's finish off this break in style.


You guys don't want to read every card that came out and I don't want to type them so I will just give a count for teams for the box followed by scans of the inserts and the AUTO (which is going to a previously hitless team). The golds fall one per pack and as those of you that have busted a box of this product know, only a few teams get golds, but they get multiples.

Here is what we got.

Angels                 6
Astros                 10 + 4 golds
Athletics             10
Blue Jays            11
Braves                 6
Brewers              11
Cardinals            11
Cubs                    7   
Devil Rays         11
Diamondbacks   13
Dodgers             11 + 3 golds
Expos/Nats        11
Giants                 10
Indians               16
Mariners             10
Marlins               10 + 4 golds
Mets                   11
Orioles               16
Padres                10 (1 Greg Maddux)
Phillies               11
Pirates                11
Rangers              11
Red Sox            14
Reds                   7
Rockies             15 + 5 golds
Royals               11 + 4 golds
Tigers                10 + 4 golds
Twins                11
White Sox          6
Yankees            10

Ugh, 4 of the 6 teams with golds were unclaimed.  I am happy The Rox got a few golds and probably had the best box of any team (for the first time in any break ever!)  I put in the Maddux notation strictly for Jon that purchased the Padres primarily for Gwynn and Maddux cards. 

The All Stars (1:4 packs)
ASG-GU Cristian Guzman - Nationals (to be randomed in part 3)
ASG-RL Ryan Ludwick - Cardinals
ASG-RM Russell Martin - Dodgers
ASG-CQ Carlos Quentin - White Sox
ASG-KY Kevin Youkilis - Red Sox
HRD-1 Josh Hamilton - Rangers

Seasonal Signatures (1:24 packs)

BW  Bobby Wilson - Angels

Well not the biggest name in the set for you Tom, but a very nice auto of the Halos' backup catcher.


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I will trade 2-1 for any Documentary games vs. the Twins that I need.

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