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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hot Stove Roundup - Week #3

I skipped last week's Hot Stove Roundup because I wanted to do my prediction recap, but also because the biggest deal of the offseason wasn't complete yet last Sunday.  Well now it is and I get to delve into the Marlins-Blue Jays trade along with a couple of smaller deals involving the Rockies-Diamondbacks and the Mariners-Orioles.  I will also finish up with a look at some notable free agent signings and their impact.  I figure if you happen to miss a move when it happens this offseason, you might catch it here on the Roundup.  Let's get it started.


The Marlins once again had a "fire sale" trade by sending Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, and basically anyone else making money to the Blue Jays for gay-bashing shortstop Yunel Escobar, back up catcher Jeff Mathis, and 5 prospects of varying skill level.  The trade looks like a straight up salary dump, which is not a bad thing, but also not surprising in the least.  The Marlins tried something new and since it didn't work in the first two months they went back to their penny pinching ways.  

Some people are complaining that Jeffrey Loria lied to them in order to get public financing for his new, ugly-ass, stadium.  My response to that is they were dumb enough to give him the money for the stadium, what did they expect.  Loria killed baseball in Montreal and the Marlins organization have basically built the model on how to disassemble a baseball team.  Did these people think that Loria or the Marlins would change their ways if you gave them more money?  This situation reminds me of the naive woman that thinks she can change the convicted felon into a loving husband.  At some point you have to stop feeling sorry for the woman for continuing to make the same mistake over and over again.


The Rockies and Diamondbacks made an under-the-radar swap last week.  Colorado dealt lefty reliever Matt Reynolds to the Diamondbacks for corner infielder Ryan Wheeler.  

I like this deal somewhat because Reynolds had no real future with the Rockies and this is better than losing him for nothing like with Roenicke and Moscoso.  Reynolds should be easily replaceable in the Rockies strong (but weakening) bullpen.  He should do well in the desert.

What could really make this deal work for me is if Ryan Wheeler becomes Todd Helton's heir apparent at first base.  Wheeler plays both first and third and there is just such a logjam at third in Denver that if they try to play him at the hot corner, I think he will lost in the shuffle and quickly forgotten. 

Then again, this could be the beginning of several "blow up the team" type deals for the Rockies as well. 
For now, I will consider this trade a slight win for the Rockies with potential for much more.


The Mariners traded back up outfielder Trayvon Robinson to the Orioles for utilityman Robert Andino.  On the surface, this looks like a forgettable trade involving two guys that are unlikely to make a major impact in 2013.  I think this deal has a chance at being a major steal for the Orioles.  

In Andino, the Mariners will have a reliable a second stringer to middle infielders Dustin Ackley and Brendan Ryan.  However, barring injury, there is very little chance Andino passes either of them on the depth chart.

The Orioles have a hole in left field and Trayvon Robinson was a pretty good prospect for the Dodgers not that long ago.  I'm not sure if Robinson will be able to snag that starting job or not, but I do believe he has a chance to.  So the Orioles traded a probable third string second baseman for a potential starting left fielder.  

The Orioles win this one in a walk thus far.


Tigers sign outfielder Torii Hunter.  2yr/26 mil.

Blue Jays sign outfielder Melky Cabrera.  2 yr/16 mil.

Yankees re-sign starter Hiroki Kuroda. 1yr/15 mil.

Royals re-sign starter Jeremy Guthrie.  3yr/25 mil.

The biggest name to move is Torii Hunter.  Hunter gives Detroit yet another big name free agent signing, even though he is probably on the downside of his career.  However, the Tigers were weak enough in the outfield that this should be a good move for them, especially on only a two year deal.

The biggest story is Melky Cabrera getting signed in Toronto.  After his PED suspension, Cabrera still got an 8 million dollar a year contract from the suddenly strong Blue Jays team.  I have never demonized these PED guys as much as some people, but this one just doesn't smell right.  The major jump in numbers while playing in a pitcher's park coupled with the PED's seemingly equals either a big time drop off in value or another suspension next year.

The Yankees resigned starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to a one year deal.  But 15 million a year for a soon to be 38 year old #2 starter seems a bit much even for the Yankees.  I think 2013 might FINALLY be the year that age catches up with the Yanks.  How cool would it be to see New York and Boston fighting over 4th place?

Finally, the second half rebound for Jeremy Guthrie in Kansas City parlayed into a three year contract.  Guthrie really does seem like a good guy, but the Rockies got fleeced twice in deals involving him in 2012.  First obtaining him for Jason Hammel and second for trading him for Jonathan Sanchez.  Good luck to him, but he is still an ugly reminder of the horrific 2012 season.

Thanx for reading.

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