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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #3 Pittsburgh Pirates Part 2

Before I get started, the answer to yesterday's trivia question is Dave Johnson and Ron Gardenhire.  I don't have that much trivia about 1986 Topps, so I am going to be sporadically throwing them out there for fun.
I do appreciate all of the kind words from you guys, because this was truly a labor of love.   Here is the second half of the Pirates.

My Top 5 Pirates Cards
1. Travis Snider
2. Gorkys Hernandez
3. Wandy Rodriguez
4. Michael McKenry
5. Gaby Sanchez

The Travis Snider card is great primarily for the fantastic scoreboard background and the fact that it looks like he probably didn't make the catch.  The Gorkys Hernandez is a nice sliding catch from a nice frontal perspective.  Wandy Rodriguez is not only a batting pitcher, it is a bunting pitcher which seldom disappoints.  The McKenry is a nice catcher fielding shot, although it does show off his receding hairline.  The Sanchez is another somewhat unique shot, usually you see the aftermath of a slide but not the beginning of one.

Will I still like the Pirates after they give up their losing ways?  I'm not sure, because the only time in my baseball existence that the Pirates were good...I didn't like them.  I think we are only a couple of years away from me figuring out the answer to that question.  I'll be back Monday with Team #4 which will showcase another template that did not appear in 1986 Topps.

Thanx for reading.

1 comment:

night owl said...

I think depends on the temperament of the team, if all other things are equal.

I love the We Are Family Pirates. Stargell, Parker, Sanguillen, Blyleven, Tekulve, that was a fun team.

But I didn't like the early '90s Pirates either. VanSlyke, Bonilla, Bonds. Yech.