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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #1 Colorado Rockies Part 2

Before I show Part 2 of the Rockies, I want to acknowledge a comment made by Night Owl.  The Rockies were the first team I finished so I had been staring at it for a long while and got used to it, but the purple lettering at the top is unique to my set.  I am of the belief that if the Rockies had existed in 1986, Topps would have added purple to the color spectrum in use much like they did with the A's and green.  They could have used yellow for the A's and eliminated green altogether, but they made them a standalone.  Therefore, I did the same thing with the Rockies and purple.  There will be a handful of color differences from my set to 1986 Topps as well.  Some will be because the modern incarnation of the team has eliminated a certain color or simply because I thought it should have been that way in the first place.  Keep an eye out for those changes, but you won't see the first one for a few weeks.  Now that the talking point is out of the way, here's part 2.

My Top 5 Rockies Cards (Part 1 and 2 combined)
1. Troy Tulowitzki
2. Jonathan Herrera
3. Chris Nelson
4. Dexter Fowler
5. Jeff Francis

Tulo by far is the best, but Herrera is also a good fielding shot.  I don't know what it is about that Nelson photo, but I absolutely love it.  I hope they use it for 2013 Topps.  Fowler is jumping back to 1st on a pickoff attempt, I can't recall many instances of that shot on a card.  The Francis, I just love the eyes watching the ball (probably going along way).  Your thoughts?

Team #2 will be showing tomorrow.  I have decided on a schedule for this as well.  It will be Monday-Saturday showcasing three teams per week for 10 weeks.  That will take us to mid-January and really close to the release of 2013 Topps.

Thanx for reading.


Rosenort said...

Really nice job on these, I love the Rockies in purple, my faves have to be the Nieves and the Belisle.

Nick said...

Great work! That "Tulo" is fantastic.

Unknown said...

good job again fellow rockie fan!