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Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #2 Kansas City Royals Part 2

Today's post will showcase one of the biggest features of my set, players with multiple teams during the year.  As a team collector, I absolutely hate having players that never got a real Rockies card.  Of the current 144, a large number didn't get a card because they were traded or released during the season and went to another club.  I decided to fix that problem in my set by giving a player multiple cards, one for each team they played for in 2012.  No airbrushing or photoshopping here; they had to play at least one game with the team in order to get a card.  So the team sets are actual TEAM sets. 

My Top 5 Royals Cards
1. Salvador Perez
2. Tim Collins
3. Jonathan Sanchez
4. Alcides Escobar
5. Eric Hosmer

The Perez card is the first of many #1 cards that are of a catcher.  This one is a great play at the plate card which rarely disappoints.  Tim Collins was the first example of a diving catch from a pitcher that I ever remember seeing.  Like Night Owl said, I had no idea who he was either, but some of the most memorable cards in history have been of common players.  The Sanchez card just has all that wonderful background going on.  He had a forgettable tenure in KC (and in Colorado), but that's a great photo.  Escobar is a nice depiction of scoring a game winning run which usually looks great as a moment in time style card.  The 5th card was kind of tough to choose because 2 stood out to me.  I chose the Hosmer over the Quintero and his "position bubble looking like a ball" because it is the classic first baseman fielding pose.  It still works and looks really good.

I'll finish up the Royals by saying I tried to get as many unique photos as possible for each team, but I was limited since I wasn't taking the photos myself.  I wanted to avoid "look-alike situations" like the Lough/Maier and Mazzaro/Mendoza above, but it is what it is.  I guess since I tried to avoid it and it showed up anyway, it is sort of a unique situation after all.

Thanx for reading.

PS - In order to not screw up the tight schedule I have made out for this set, I will be discussing hot stove news on Sundays this off season.  So you'll have to wait until then to read my views on the new Rockies manager.

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