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Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - AL Team Leaders

Yesterday I showed off the NL "deans" and today it is the American League's turn.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have included the Astros in with the AL just to even it out and to at least try to get used to the idea of them switching leagues.  I still think it should have been the Padres going to the AL, but I digress.  Anyway, for those of you that missed it yesterday, a "dean" is the player with the longest continuous service for a particular organization.  Currently, 1986 Topps is the only set (that I know of anyway) that celebrated the senior member of a club.  Well now there are two.  So let's take a look at the 2012 Quarry Unlimited American League Team Leaders.

Toronto Blue Jays - Casey Janssen - Continuous Service since April 27, 2006

Baltimore Orioles - Brian Roberts - Continuous Service since June 14, 2001

Tampa Bay Rays - B.J. Upton - Continuous Service since August 2, 2004

Boston Red Sox - David Ortiz - Continuous Service since April 1, 2003

New York Yankees - Mariano Rivera - Continuous Service since May 23, 1995

Cleveland Indians - Travis Hafner - Continuous Service since March 31, 2003

Kansas City Royals - Alex Gordon - Continuous Service since April 2, 2007

Detroit Tigers - Justin Verlander - Continuous Service since July 4, 2005

Minnesota Twins - Justin Morneau - Continuous Service since June 10, 2003

Chicago White Sox - Paul Konerko - Continuous Service since April 5, 1999

Oakland A's - Daric Barton - Continuous Service since September 10, 2007

Los Angeles Angels - Maicer Izturis - Continuous Service since April 5, 2005

Houston Astros - Wesley Wright - Continuous Service since March 31, 2008

Seattle Mariners - Felix Hernandez - Continuous Service since August 4, 2005

Texas Rangers - Michael Young - Continuous Service since September 29, 2000

To me the most noticeable absence is that of Derek Jeter.  Aside from Todd Helton, Jeter was the one I was SURE would be here.  However, Rivera started six days earlier than Jeter so Mo got the nod.  Jeter would have been the "dean" of any club in the majors except the Yankees and the Braves.   Another thing that stands out with the AL clubs is the continual employment of no longer productive players like Brian Roberts and Travis Hafner.  I understand them still being in the league, but when productivity falls off drastically a change of scenery is usually in the offing.

Least surprising "deans" in the AL
1. Paul Konerko
2. Michael Young
3. David Ortiz

Most surprising "deans" in the AL
1. Maicer Izturis (all of those big names and the utility guy has been there longest)
2. Casey Janssen (a good reliever, but a big surprise nonetheless)
3. Wesley Wright (I knew the Astro would be a lesser known name, but I hadn't heard of this guy)
4. Daric Barton (spent most of 2012 in the minors)

Thanx for reading.

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Jeff Laws said...

Is that how they did it in 1986? I remembering trying to figure out why they selected certain players for a team leaders card.