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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rock Stars - Right Handed Relievers Tiebreaker Results

The first ever tie in Rock Star history has now been broken and there are now three right handed relievers for the Rock Star team.  Joining earlier winner Steve Reed will be these two pitchers.

Your Vote
Huston Street = 5 votes
Curt Leskanic = 2 votes
Rafael Betancourt = 0 votes

I have to say I am a bit surprised.  Not at Huston Street, since he has won all three votes he has been a part of.  However, Curt Leskanic is not exactly the biggest name out there.  He was a pretty good pitcher, but I personally think his numbers came from longevity rather than significant skill.  I think if this vote were held next year, Betancourt would overtake Leskanic, but for now Street and Leskanic can make up the middle relief for the Rock Star bullpen.

If you haven't voted for the very competitive outfield for the Rock Star team, read about it here and cast your votes for the three best outfielders in Rockies history.  Thanx for playing along.

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night owl said...

Leskanic was one of those guys that stayed on my fantasy team way too long back in the '90s.