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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rock Stars - Starting Rotation Results

Here are the results for the largest Rock Star vote yet, the starting rotation.  It is interesting to say the least.  The difference in the voting here is I will be adding both batting WAR and pitching WAR when determining the WAR totals.  I figured since National League starters actually play the entire game rather than being a pitching machine like their AL counterparts, I should count both. 

Ubaldo Jimenez - 15 votes = 4 points
Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis - 11 votes = 4 points
Mike Hampton - 10 votes = 4 points
Jason Jennings, Darryl Kile - 8 votes = 3.5 points
Pedro Astacio, Denny Neagle - 7 votes = 3 points
Jason Marquis - 4 votes = 3 points
Shawn Chacon, Jorge de la Rosa, Joe Kennedy - 3 votes = 2 points
Jhoulys Chacin, Armando Reynoso, Kevin Ritz, Bill Swift - 2 votes = 1.5 points
Marvin Freeman, Bobby Jones, Byung-Hyun Kim, David Nied, Jamey Wright - 1 vote = 1 point
Roger Bailey, Brian Bohanon, Jason Hammel, John Thomson - 0 votes = 0 points

WAR (batting + pitching)
Ubaldo Jimenez - 16.6 WAR = 4 points
Aaron Cook - 13.6 WAR = 4 points
Jason Jennings - 11 WAR = 4 points
Pedro Astacio - 9.3 WAR = 4 points
Armando Reynoso, John Thomson - 7.5 WAR = 3.5 points
Kevin Ritz - 6.8 WAR = 3 points
Jeff Francis - 6.5 WAR = 3 points
Jhoulys Chacin - 6.1 WAR = 3 points
Brian Bohanon - 5.6 WAR = 3 points
Jorge de la Rosa - 5.1 WAR = 2 points
Jason Hammel - 5.0 WAR = 2 points
Roger Bailey, Marvin Freeman, Darryl Kile - 4.4 WAR = 2 points
Jamey Wright - 3.7 WAR = 1 point
Jason Marquis - 3.1 WAR = 1 point
Joe Kennedy - 2.7 WAR = 1 point
Shawn Chacon - 1.9 WAR - 1 point
David Nied - 1.8 WAR = 1 point
Bobby Jones - 1.6 WAR = 0 points
Bill Swift - 1.5 WAR = 0 points
Denny Neagle - 1.4 WAR = 0 points
Mike Hampton - 1.0 WAR = 0 points
Byung-Hyun Kim - (-0.1 WAR) = 0 points

Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Jason Jennings, Pedro Astacio = 4 points
Jorge de la Rosa, Marvin Freeman, Armando Reynoso, Kevin Ritz, Jhoulys Chacin = 3 points
John Thomson, Jamey Wright, Joe Kennedy, Jason Hammel, Jason Marquis = 2 points
Roger Bailey, Shawn Chacon, Brian Bohanon, Darryl Kile, Mike Hampton = 1 point
David Nied, Bill Swift, Byung-Hyun Kim, Bobby Jones, Denny Neagle = 0 points

Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook - 12 points (unanimous selections)
Jason Jennings - 11.5 points
Pedro Astacio, Jeff Francis - 11 points
Armando Reynoso - 8 points
Jhoulys Chacin, Kevin Ritz - 7.5 points
Jorge de la Rosa - 7 points
Darryl Kile - 6.5 points
Marvin Freeman, Jason Marquis - 6 points
John Thomson - 5.5 points
Mike Hampton, Joe Kennedy - 5 points
Brian Bohanon, Shawn Chacon, Jason Hammel, Jamey Wright - 4 points
Roger Bailey, Denny Neagle - 3 points
David Nied - 2 points
Bill Swift - 1.5 points
Bobby Jones, Byung-Hyun Kim - 1 point

The Rock Star starting rotation is
Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook, Jason Jennings, Pedro Astacio, Jeff Francis

This competition was not nearly as close as I thought it would be.  These five pitchers were clearly the cream of the somewhat withered crop.  Starting pitching has never been and should never be the biggest strength of the Rockies.  Based on their home stadium, they were built to be an offensive juggernaut even if management never seems to completely understand that. 

I do have to say some of your voting surprises me to say the least, but the high vote totals of Hampton, Kile, and Neagle just tells me that people were counting their non-Rockies totals as well.  I was also surprised at how well Jhoulys Chacin stood up to the competition after only two full seasons in the majors.  I'm pretty sure that is an indictment of the entire Rockies history with starting pitching, but I could easily see Chacin and de la Rosa if healthy becoming a member of this group in a couple of years.

One quick question for everyone.  Two of these pitchers have a higher batting WAR for the Rockies than Dante Bichette, can you guess which two?  Just one more reason that I can't stand that stat.

Tomorrow will be the selection for the Rock Star manager and will be the last vote for this very fun series for me.  I hope you guys have had fun too and I think I can tell by the vote total that you are still paying attention.  Thanx for reading.


Scott Fendley said...

I can't stand batting average nor RBI. Sorry.

SpastikMooss said...

Hampton has to be one of the pitchers I'm guessing.

I was pulling for Freeman, and he almost got it! And Reynoso was oh so close. Excellent vote.

night owl said...

Yay, the 5 that I picked all made it!