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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*TRADE BAIT* - Relic Edition

Since I am going to get a lot of (potentially new) eyes on this post, I want to remind you for the last time (I promise) to vote for the three best Rockies outfielders of all time for the Rock Star team.  Read about it here and then vote on the right sidebar,

It's been a while since I have scanned in some new trade bait images.  These are the jerseys and other relics that I have for trade.  Some of these have been seen here before, but most are new-ish.  For most of these, a comparable needed Rockies relic will work just fine.  For some, I will take any relic just because I have had a few of these too long and they need to go to someone that wants them.  I will be posting several of these over the few weeks, including autos, serials, inserts, and vintage.  Take a look and then claim away.


If you wanna make a trade email me at hiflewATyahooDOTcom or leave a comment below.  Thanx for reading.


Greg Zakwin said...

Would you mind setting aside the Beltre and Weaver for me?

Michael said...

I'd like to trade for the Tony Gwynn bat card and the Tim Raines jersey card. I'll send you an e-mail as well.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

I would like to try and trade for the Molitor.

night owl said...

Gack! Is that a Hershiser relic??? I would love that!

I'll find you something nice.

Unknown said...

I could take Rickie Weeks off your hands. Email me at cameronclow12@gmail or come by http://morethancardboard.blogspot.com

I'll see what I have for you.

Kbrewster/90 said...

I'd like Beltran too.