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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rock Stars - Manager

We have now finished the main portion of the Rock Star team.  All that is left (other than the bench players next week) is to choose a leader for this team.  I have been choosing five candidates for a single slot on the team, with the Rockies manager this works out perfectly because five different men have been manager of the Rockies.  Here are the five candidates for the manager of the Rock Star team.  Keep in mind, you are only voting for their performance as the Rockies manager.  Otherwise this would be a runaway victory for one man.

Don Baylor (1993-98)
Don Baylor was the original manager of the Colorado Rockies and led the club for the first six seasons of their existence.  In his 6 seasons, Baylor had a record of 440-469 (.484) with one trip to the postseason in 1995.  His teams finished at .500 or better in 3 of his 6 seasons.  He won the 1995 NL Manager of the Year Award and finished 5th in both 1993 and 1994. 

Jim Leyland (1999)
Jim Leyland was hired away from the Marlins a year after their first fire sale in 1999.  In his only season in Colorado, Leyland had a record of 72-90 (.444) with no postseason appearances.  Obviously, he never had a team at .500 or better and never received NL Manager of the Year Award votes with the Rockies.  The fit just was neither right for the team nor Leyland as they parted ways after the 1999 season.

Buddy Bell (2000-02)
Former Tigers manager and major league veteran Buddy Bell was hired to replace Leyland before the 2000 season.  In his 3 seasons in Colorado, Bell had a record of 161-185 (.465) with no postseason appearances.  He had one of two teams finish at .500 or better.  His best finish in the NL Manager of the Year was 6th.  He was fired 22 games into the the 2002 season.

Clint Hurdle (2002-09)
Former big league journeyman and Rockies hitting coach, Clint Hurdle was promoted to manager in 2002 following Bell's dismissal.  In his 8 seasons in Colorado, Hurdle had a record of 534-625 (.461) with one postseason appearance which was the 2007 NL Pennant.  However, the 2007 World Series team was the only Rockies team in Hurdle's 8 seasons that finished at .500 or better.  His best finish in the NL Manager of the Year was 3rd in 2007.  He was fired 46 games into the 2009 season.

Jim Tracy (2009-Present)
Former Dodgers and Pirates manager Jim Tracy was chosen to take over for Hurdle in 2009.  In his 3 seasons with the Rockies (as of 2011), Tracy has a record of 230-210 (.523) with one postseason appearance.  He won the 2009 NL Manager of the Year Award.  He has recently received an "indefinite extension" on his contract which runs out at the end of 2012.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means.

I do not have the only card of Leyland as a Rockie (1999 Colorado Rockies Police set) and Tracy has yet to receive a card as a Rockie (somehow the Rockies were forgotten when they were putting manager's cards into 2011 Topps Heritage...Thanks Topps).  

Voting for the Rock Star manager may begin immediately.  This will be the final vote for the Rock Star team and I hope everyone takes the time to vote here.  Thanx for reading.


SpastikMooss said...

I figure there can't be a WAR for coaches...can Don Baylor get +20 points just for his pure awesomeness?

Unknown said...

Despite having only 1 winning season with the Rox, I'm going to vote for current Pirates manager Clint Hurdle because he got them to the World Series.