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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rock Stars - Left Handed Reliever Results

Before we get into the potentially headache-inducing multiple picks, let's see who will join Brian Fuentes in the Rock Star bullpen.

Your votes:
Chuck McElroy - 6 votes = 4 points
Bruce Ruffin - 5 votes = 3 points
Mike Myers - 4 votes = 1.5 points
Franklin Morales - 4 votes = 1.5 points
Gabe White - 2 votes = 0 points

Bruce Ruffin - 5.7 WAR = 4 points
Gabe White - 2.9 WAR = 3 points
Mike Myers - 2.5 WAR = 2 points
Chuck McElroy - 2.2 WAR = 1 point
Franklin Morales - 0.5 WAR = 0 points

My Vote:
Bruce Ruffin = 4 points
Mike Myers = 3 points
Chuck McElroy = 2 points
Gabe White = 1 point
Franklin Morales = 0 points

Total Score:
Bruce Ruffin = 11 points
Chuck McElroy = 7 points
Mike Myers = 6.5 points
Gabe White = 4 points
Franklin Morales = 1.5 points

The Rock Star left handed reliever is Bruce Ruffin.

That was the closest battle we have seen so far.  I sort of expected it to be somewhat close since there was no one pitcher head-and-shoulders above the rest.  While I expected it to be close, I am also not surprised that Bruce Ruffin ended up as the overall winner.  I am a bit surprised at the love for Chuck McElroy in the blogging community and the voting overall was very fun to watch.  At one point, there was a five-way tie at two votes each.  I am very surprised by Franklin Morales' four votes.  Were you guys watching him pitch in the minors or what?  I think I developed an ulcer that I named Franklin after watching him pitch, but to each their own.  That's what make the world exciting.  Let us celebrate Bruce Ruffin (and his card from the great 1997 Ultra set) for being the newest member of the Rock Star team.

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SpastikMooss said...


Lol seriously though, never underestimate a man and his specs. I think we need to have a Chuck McElroy day across the blogosphere someday - everyone can show their favorite Chuck card, take a picture of themselves wearing coke bottle glasses, make a ton of Family Matters jokes. Etc.