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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rockies Acquire Jeremy Guthrie from the Orioles for Hammel and Lindstrom

The Rockies continued dismantling the disappointing 2011 team by trading starter Jason Hammel and reliever Matt Lindstrom to the Baltimore Orioles for veteran starter Jeremy Guthrie.  After this trade, of the 55 players that appeared in a Rockies game in 2011, 29 will be with other teams (or out of baseball) in 2012.  And several others (Young, Nelson, Herrera, Rogers) are still potentially going somewhere else.  This is fast-food style job turnover. 

I don't understand this trade on several different fronts.  I'll start with the Orioles side of things.  Guthrie was a popular pitcher and a de facto ace for Baltimore and the Orioles understandably knew they weren't going to be able to do much this year, so trading him makes sense.  Why wouldn't they trade him for prospects instead of a 29 year old starter and a 32 year old reliever?

Now onto the Rockies side of things which I know a little more about.  First off, I am thrilled the Rockies did not trade Christian Friedrich in this move which had been rumored.  That is the final good thing I will be saying in this write up.  Jason Hammel for Jeremy Guthrie straight up is a Rockies win, but the Orioles would never go for that.  Jason Hammel + (Esmil Rogers, Josh Outman, Matt Reynolds, Josh Roenicke) for Guthrie is a nice balanced trade.  Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom (a key member of the bullpen) for Guthrie is a loss for the Rockies. 

Hammel had a bad year and probably needed to go elsewhere, so no issues there.  Lindstrom is better designed as a closer or set up man, so for him going elsewhere is probably better and honestly he was a bit extra in the Rockies pen.  Guthrie is an innings eater that will save some wear and tear on the bullpen, which the Rockies needed with their young rotation.  Had the Orioles thrown in a middling prospect, I would probably be okay with this deal.  But they didn't.  It just seems like a lot to give up for one year of an innings eater that will probably be gone after 2012.

What are your thoughts Orioles fans (and everyone else)? 


The Lost Collector said...

I like the deal for the Rockies. Good luck!

Kev said...

i like Guthrie alot, actually - he had a bizarre W/L season, but his overall numbers are better than most realize - plus, pitching for a relatively bad O's team can drag the numbers down, too. He did pitch one or two really good games against the Yankees, suggesting he gets up for those games, perhaps? though i'm not sure how pitching in Colorado will affect him...

Ryan H said...

Since I'm on the Orioles side of things, maybe I can shed a little light. From what I've been reading, apparently the Rox were the highest bidder for Guts. No other teams were willing to give up prospects for him so with about 12 candidates for the starting rotation and Guthrie being a free agent after this season, they almost had to move him. I'm sad to see him go but it is a business. He's a good ballplayer and an even better person. I hope Rockies fans will enjoy him as much as the O's fans have.

Kirk Jacobson said...

Guthrie has always been a better pitcher and teammate than his w/l %. Hopefully the thin air in Colorado is easy on him. I could see him pitching well but losing a ton of games and having a high ERA. He is better than his numbers and always will be.

hiflew said...

@LostCollector - I hope you're right.

@Kev - Well if he can pitch well against the Dodgers, Giants and D-Backs and badly against everyone else it won't be so bad, but I am still skittish.

@Ryan H - Only 12 candidates? Wow we have 15 now. From everything I have seen he is a good person, so I'm okay with his personality. But, as a selfish fan, I'd rather have a jerk that pitches lights out than a nice guy that goes 8-15 or so.

@Kirk - I don't care how high his ERA is, but the losing tons of games wouldn't work. I like stats and all, but wins and losses are really what it is all about. I'd rather have a guy that is 20-6 with a 4.00 ERA than a 10-16 with a 2.50 ERA any day of the week.