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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #13 St. Louis Cardinals Part 2

While putting this set together I found that I am currently missing something in modern cards that I never thought I would ever like, mismatched cards.  The is absolutely no way the Cardinals would ever get green accents in 2014 Topps, but it looks great in 1977.  The biggest problem is that modern "color-matched" cards are boring.  As soon as I saw the first 2014 design for the Yasiel Puig card, I knew pretty much what a Rockies card would look like this year.  I want to ask questions like, "Will I like the colors they used for my team this year?" or "Is my team the one they stuck with pink?"  Instead I am sure there is some combination of purple and silver for the Rockies and that red is the dominant color for the Cardinals.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see the Cardinals with green accents every year, but once every two decades or so, it looks really cool.  I doubt we will ever go back to the color quirkiness of the 70s and 80s in the Topps flagship set, but we will always have the many, many reprints that will look just different enough to confuse and/or anger us.  Let's check out part 2 of the 2013 National League champion St. Louis Cardinals.

My Top 5 Cardinals Cards
1. Matt Holliday
2. Yadier Molina
3. Matt Carpenter
4. John Axford
5. Adron Chambers

I absolutely love quirky cards and the Matt Holliday had both a blown bubble and the glove on the head.  I have never seen the combo before.  I love it.  The Yadier Molina shows him doing what he does best, leading his team.  The subtle leadership never shows up in the stat sheet, but it is one of the biggest reasons why he is the best catcher in the game.  The Carpenter is an extra special double play card because it catches both the fielder and the runner looking at the result of the play.  The Axford is a great shot which shows off the great looking striped socks that some Cardinals wear.  Finally, I chose the Chambers just because it is a shot that is rarely used, the rounding of first after a single.  Nothing special, but an underused shot.

Coming tomorrow - #14 Texas Rangers

Thanx for reading.

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