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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #11 Atlanta Braves Part 1

Today I will feature the Atlanta Braves, one of two Native American related mascots in MLB.  If you keep up with the news you will know that Native American related mascots are in the news recently, even drawing an opinion from the President.  I am puzzled as to why this only comes up every few years or so.  Until this year, I don't think I had heard a word about the Redskins controversy for 10-15 years, not since the Braves/Indians World Series.  If it didn't bother anyone for the last 15 years, why is it a hot button issue that must be fixed now?  Like many Americans, I am part Cherokee on my mother's side, not a lot but it is still there.  Both my middle school (Braves) and my high school (Indians) had Native American nicknames and not once did I ever feel that they were treated with anything but respect.  To people that say that the Cleveland Indians' logo Chief Wahoo is too cartoony and mocks Native Americans, what is your opinion of the Minnesota Vikings logo or the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo?  To everyone that says Redskins is a derogatory term, I say where have you been for the last eighty years?  They didn't just change the name recently.  I think the best thing for the Redskins to do is to keep the name and add a new mascot, the redskin potato.  Or do we have to change the name of that now as well?  Okay I got a little more into that speech than I intended, but it's good to do every now and then.  Let's take a look at some Braves trivia to lighten the mood a bit.


# of players to play in a Braves game (1993-2013) - 399

# of those players to have a Braves card (as of today) - 303

% of Braves players to appear on a Braves card - 75.9%

Big names left out - Norm Charlton, Bernard Gilkey, Mark Whiten

# of new Braves in 2013 - 20

Total # of Braves in 2013 - 44

position on last year's list --   #11    =  same

Let's take a look at the first half of the 2013 Atlanta Braves with the team card leading the way.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2.

Thanx for reading.

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