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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rockie Trading Post #10 - Special Guest AdamE from Thoughts and Sox

Welcome to the 10th episode of The Rockie Trading Post (man I got to 10 quickly thank you for that).  Tonight's special guest is Adam from Thoughts and Sox.  For those of you that haven't Adam, he collects Red Sox, boxing cards, and has a couple of interesting player collections in Bill Virdon and Dan Marino.  Adam's is the final of five packages that I received on my huge end of January Monday mail day.  This is definitely a case of last but not least, here's some of what I got.

My two favorite cards from Adam are these beauts.  The 2007 Bowman Heritage Todd Helton is awash with color, but understated...nice combo.  My only fault with it is the lack of name on the front.  That is one of biggest card pet peeves.  The 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces is a piece of art.  I only need the Matt Holliday for the team set if anyone has that one to spare let me know. 

Speaking of Holliday (nice segue huh), here's two of the former Rockies slugger.  I really like the All Star uniform...Home Run derby perhaps?

Next comes a 2009 Topps Heritage Chris Iannetta.  Surprisingly, Topps didn't misspell his name on purpose to drive sales.  Adam also sent me 3 of the 2006 Topps '52 Rookies, a set I missed out on.  The 1952 design is so overused nowadays.  Sure it's the first big Topps set, but the design really isn't that good compared to some others.

Next up, are the first two (at the time) 2010 Topps Heritage cards in my Rockie collection.  I didn't buy a single pack of this set because I didn't like the 1961 design.  However, once I saw the backs it sorta grew on me a bit.

Finally, we have the future?  This is a trio of 2009 draft picks for Colorado from Donruss Elite Extra Edition.  Matzek (1st) is the current top prospect in the organization by most sources (I consider him #2 to Friedrich).  Arenado (2nd) should be in Coors in a year or two dependent on whether Ian Stewart is kept around and/or lives up to his potential.  Matthes (4th) hit .185 in low Class A last year in limited time because of a knee injury.

Thanks again Adam for the trade and do make sure you check out his blog here.  Now that I have finally caught up with January's trades, I am fully aware of how far behind I am in February.  To everyone that hasn't been featured, don't despair because if I have traded you too will be a guest of The Rockie Trading Post.  Until then, we are officially signed off.

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AdamE said...

I'm glad you liked the cards.

I'm sorry it took me a few days to find your write up.