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Friday, February 11, 2011

RTP #11 - Special Guest Justin from Justin's World

Welcome to the 11th episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tonight's Special Guest is Justin from the eponymous blog Justin's World.  If you haven't traded with him yet, Justin collects Cubs cards along with TTM and other autographed cards.  He also has a knack for creating custom cards and is making his own set for 2011.  I traded him a couple of Cubs gold cards along with a handful of other inserts and a bonus that I hope he liked.  In return I got some Rockies (surprise!).  Here the highlights of my newest Rockies.

Two of the new "Big Three" in Colorado with the god awful rookie card logo on them.  I do like the fact that the 2008 Topps Tulo and 2008 Topps Chrome Tulo use different pictures.

OK, let's play a new game, it's called Rockie or Not a Rockie.  Our two contestants are shown above.  The Fleer Justin Hampson is wearing a Rockies uniform, but listed with the Padres logo.  The Upper Deck Jose Mesa is shown in a Pirates uniform, but listed as a Rockie.  Let me first say I hate when uniforms and listing do not match up on cards, the NBA was/is particularly awful with this.  But back to the game, I personally consider the Hampson a Padre card and the Mesa a Rockie card, with a caveat.  I know there are a couple of Justin Hampson cards that match up Rockie logos and unis, if there weren't any others this card would go in my Rockie binder.

Funny picture time.  The First Edition Kaz Matsui is just hilarious to me.  It looks like he is auditioning for the Rockettes (a good name for Rockies cheerleaders if we ever get them).  The 1993 Upper Deck Jeff Parrett is just great on so many levels.  The full color palette on the card plus the fact that Parrett apparently was just told the best knock-knock joke ever.  Either that or he shot himself in the foot with a nail gun.

A trio of Rockie pitchers that had varying degrees of success in Denver.  First up the (short print?) 2007 Heritage Brian Fuentes All Star.  Rarely do you see a pitcher get worse numbers upon leaving Coors, but it happened with Fuentes.  1994 Fleer Mo Sanford, most people don't like backs shown on cards, but I am okay with it as long as you get to see the full back of the uniform like this.  The 2005 Morales is a first year card (which I guess differs from a Rookie Card).  I really hope he pitches well this year.

Finally, we come to the classic Rockies.  As stated several times before, it's not an episode of The Rockie Trading Post without at least one new Todd Helton card.  Today's entry is a 2005 Upper Deck All Star Classics with the familiar gloves in the back pocket pose.  Lastly, is a 2002 Flair Larry Walker.  I love most Flair sets, they are beautifully made for the most part.  The 2002 set really does nothing for me, just kind of blah.

Thanks again Justin for the trade and hopefully we can do it again.  Make sure you visit his blog as well, it is an interesting read.  I am slowly but surely catching up on these Trading Posts.  Join us next time, for another entertaining episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Until then, we are officially signed off.

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LoCoDe said...

Mo Sanford was 6'6, so that card perfectly shows off his wingspan. A great common.
Mo walked 58 in 82 1/3 career MLB innings. OUCH!

Jeff Parrett had a really nice year for the Expos in '88, so I always had a soft spot for him.