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Friday, February 4, 2011

RTP #7 - Special Guest David from e rayhahn rayhahn

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Today's special guest is David (aka Rhubarb_Runner) from e rayhahn rayhahn.  If you haven't met him, David is a big time Twins collector and is also an insect photographer (man I wish I had a really quirky side hobby like that).  We quickly agreed on a relatively small trade.  I sent him a Topps gold Jason Bartlett along with a few other Twins inserts and/or parallels.  In return I got these beauts.

First is Seth Smith (a name I would love to hear someone with a bad lisp say) from the monotonous set Moments and Milestones.  Next up is shiny goodness of Troy Tulowitzki.  If this card looks familiar you saw it here.  Since I have been slow to get my wantlists together, I have no problem getting a few dupes per package and they arrived on the same day.  This is NOT an invitation for a Bipping : )

But for now I LOVE GOLD!!!!!!

The first golden goody is 2010 Ubaldo All Star.  Who would've thought in the mid 90s that a dominant Colorado pitcher would starting the All Star Game?  I do fear that his days as a Rockie are numbered after the big extensions to Tulo and CarGo, but I will enjoy him while he is in purple.

Next is a 2009 Update Gold Matt Murton.  Murton didn't do much for the Rockies before being released.  However, he was involved in two memorable trades in the past.  He was part of the 4 team deal that sent Nomar Garciaparra out of Boston and he was part of the package the Cubs sent to the A's for Rich Harden.

Next up we have a 2001 Ultra Gold Medallion of two failed Rockies catcher prospects.  Melhuse actually had 2 different stints with the Rockies in 2000-01 and for a handful of games in 2008.  Petrick is quite possibly my least favorite Rockie of all time (but still ranks higher in my mind than my favorite Giant).  I tried him as my fantasy team catcher for three years in a row in the early 2000s thinking each year would be his breakout.  Alas, it never happened.

It wouldn't be an episode of the Rockie Trading Post without at least one Todd Helton card.  This is also a 2001 Ultra Gold Medallion.  I still believe and will to my dying day that Helton deserved the MVP in 2000.  Hell his OBP and SLG percentages were even better than "he who must not be named" from the San Francisco franchise.  And somehow he ended up 5th behind "winner" NAMELESS 2nd BASEMAN. 

Thanks again to David (or Rhubarb whichever you prefer) for the trade and for giving me a reason to reference Austin Powers.  Thank you also to the wonderful United States Postal Service for returning the package I sent for being 58 cents short on shipping.  I was understandably upset at the inefficiency of the government and the faultiness of the Automatic Postage Machine until I pulled a Twins jersey card in this box break and was able to include it in his package for free.  This is a first for TRTP a card traded for A Relic to be Named Later.  So until we see David again, this has been The Rockie Trading Post, hope you had fun.


Greg Zakwin said...

I'd rather get Tulo'd than Bipped any day of the week.

AdamE said...

I have found that Rhubarb is the king of Gold cards.

hiflew said...

Greg: You and me both brother.

AdamE: Well he definitely gets the King title from me...I'll settle for Jester

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's not like I didn't get any gold from you in return!

Keep a little stockpile of Twins, and we'll have an excuse for another trade someday so I can slip that PTBNL relic in with it.

hiflew said...

True enough and yes you get first dibs on any Twins that come through the Quarry.