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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #29 San Francisco Giants Part 2

As some of you may have noticed, in the team trivia section I have been tracking which teams have the highest and lowest percentage of their players to appear on a card with their team.  Well it seems that the team with the highest percentage of their players (from 1993-2013) appearing on a card is the San Francisco Giants.  And it's wasn't even close.  82.6% of all Giants players over the last 21 years appeared on a Giants card.  No other team was even over 80%.  Detroit was the second highest at 79.1%.  What does this mean?  Honestly, I don't know.  The Giants were not exactly a strong team for the entirety of the years that I covered.  The only thing I can figure is the large amount of oddball sets devoted to the Giants.  There is still the possibility that the Dodgers will have a higher percentage because I haven't finished them yet, but either way it will be a very disappointing team at the top of my researched list.  And speaking of disappointments, let's go ahead and check out the second half of the 2013 San Francisco Giants.

My Top 5 Giants Cards
1. Juan Perez
2. Kensuke Tanaka
3. Francisco Peguero
4. Jeff Francoeur
5. Roger Kieschnick

Normally I prefer close ups to wide shots on cards, but that Juan Perez is a great image even though you can't really see him.  Just a great photo.  The Tanaka card gives you a nice shot of the dugout stairs, and image that doesn't appear too often on cards.  I am really starting to enjoy cards that feature rain and the Peguero is another in the tradition.  The Jeff Francoeur is probably going to be his last card and if it is that would be a good image to go out on.  Finally, we come to the very nice sliding attempt of Roger Kieschnick.  I have no idea whether he stopped the ball or not, but it is still a good photo.

Coming Friday - #30 Los Angeles Dodgers

Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

I love that Juan Perez card. Nice work!

arpsmith said...

Great cards, I like your top 5, great team, great representation of Giants on cardboard, I have to say that your past 2 posts have been among your best!

night owl said...

No idea if this is the reason, but I know that even going back to the '70s a noticeable number of players have been photographed in San Francisco for their Topps cards. Perhaps Giants players are more accessible to Topps photographers because of this?

By the way I agree, it is totally sickening that such a mediocre and pukey franchise like the Giants is so well-represented.