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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rockies trade Chris Iannetta...pick up Jimmy Chitwood?

Well the hot stove league is finally underway in Denver.  The Rockies made a trade with the new Angels GM, former Rockie closer Jerry DiPoto.  I have a feeling it is the first of several Angels trades with DiPoto at the helm.  Mainstay backstop Chris Iannetta was basically traded for starter Tyler Chatwood (look at that name and tell me you don't think of Hoosiers) and Ramon Hernandez.  Actually it was a straight up deal with Iannetta for Chatwood with Hernandez signing as a free agent, but he never would have been signed without the trade and vice versa.

MY FEELINGS:  I actually like this move for the Rockies (and the Angels for that matter).  Iannetta will be missed, but Wilin Rosario is almost ready to be a full time catcher.  Iannetta was too good and too young to bench, so Rosario was blocked.  Hernandez can act as a mentor to Rosario and is fairly competent behind the plate should Wilin struggle.  In addition, we get a 21 year old starter with a full year's big league experience.  I think Chatwood will make an excellent addition to the jumbled mess that is the Rockies starting rotation.  I guess the thought is if you get 8-9 good prospects, 5 might work out for the year.  We might not have a single starter over the age of 25 next year.  Of course, the hot stove league is JUST beginning so we might get that veteran (or two) to mentor the rotation.  I am still hoping against hope that we can land Roy Oswalt.


Nachos Grande said...

Hernandez did well in his tenure with the Reds. However, his pitch calling leaves A LOT to be desired... He was a "clutch" batter though!

night owl said...

Speaking from a strictly cardboard perspective, this means that you can expect some great-looking Ramon Hernandez Rockies cards. He seems to get some cool photos on his cards.

Jeff Laws said...

I read your post to a friend at work, who's an Angels fan, it was the first he heard of the trade. He was not happy about it, so I'm guessing that's good for your Rockies. He said he liked what he saw in Chatwood and was expecting good things from him in the future.