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Monday, December 26, 2011

Rock Stars - Catcher Results

Before we move on to first base and its obvious answer, let's track the voting for the competitive position of catcher.

Your votes:
Joe Girardi - 6 votes = 4 points
Chris Iannetta - 5 votes = 3 points
Charles Johnson - 4 votes = 2 points
Brent Mayne - 1 vote = .5 points
Jeff Reed - 1 vote = .5 points

Chris Iannetta - 7.1 WAR  =  4 points
Jeff Reed - 4.1 WAR  =  3 points
Charles Johnson - 2.0 WAR  = 2 points
Brent Mayne - 1.5 WAR  = 1 point
Joe Girardi - 1.1 WAR  = 0 points

My vote:
Jeff Reed = 4 points
Chris Iannetta = 3 points
Brent Mayne = 2 points
Joe Girardi = 1 point
Charles Johnson = 0 points

Total Score:
Chris Iannetta = 10 points
Jeff Reed = 7.5 points
Joe Girardi = 5 points
Charles Johnson = 4 points
Brent Mayne = 3.5 points

The Rock Star catcher is Chris Iannetta.
First of all, I would thank you guys for the 17 total votes, a record for my site on any poll.  It makes the process worth it.  Secondly, I am ready for five years down the line when hopefully Wilin Rosario has eclipsed Iannetta for the top spot on this list.  Iannetta is a good player and was a very good Rockie, but he also is the main reason I do not judge OBP as a great factor in a good player.  He has a career OBP of .357 (which looks good), but a career batting average of.235 (which doesn't).  On the surface, getting on base 35% of the time is a good thing, but you have to factor in that due to his low average he batted 8th a lot.  This meant pitchers often pitched around him to get to the pitcher's spot.  Unfortunately, I think this will be exposed in the AL with Angels.  But it doesn't matter if I am right or wrong, because according to all the numbers, Chris Iannetta is the best catcher in Colorado Rockies history.

I'll be back a little later with the foregone conclusion that is first base.

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