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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rockies 2007 World Series Team Down to 3 Players Remaining

How much has this offseason's roster turnover changed the face of the Rockies?  The headline says it all.  There are only three players remaining from the 2007 World Series team: Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, and Seth Smith.  That was only 4 years ago.  Of those three, Smith is possibly still to be traded this offseason as well.

The latest casualty is back up outfielder "extraordinaire" Ryan Spilborghs.  Spilly (along with Cole Garner) was unceremoniously non-tendered on Tuesday.  If you don't know what non-tendering means, don't feel bad because I didn't for the longest time.  Basically, it is akin to just flat out releasing an arbitration-eligible player without offering him a contract for the upcoming season.

I always liked Spilly, even though he always seemed to screw up every time I watched him in a game.  Something about him just makes you want to root for him.  There is still the possibility he would be brought back, but the crowded outfield is filled with CarGo, Fowler, Smith, Eric Young Jr., and newly acquired Tyler Colvin.  Not to mention prospects Charlie Blackmon and Tim Wheeler.  I hope Spilly moves on to an organization and thrives (except against the Rox of course).  He could fit in well as a platoon OF or maybe even a stopgap starter with a younger team (Astros?).


Rosenort said...

At least we will always have the Spilly Slam.

Jeff Laws said...

I know the feeling, with Mark Buehrle now gone, that only leaves 2 players left from our WS win in 2005. AJ Pierzynski and Paul Konerko.

Not quite as bad as you being down to 3 in 4 years, but it still sucks.