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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ian Stewart Traded to the Cubs for (Surprisingly) More than a Bucket of Balls and a Potted Ivy

The Rockies continued their roster turnover by trading colossal 2011 disappointment Ian Stewart and former #1 pick Casey Weathers to the Cubs for colossal 2011 disappointment Tyler Colvin and former #2 pick D.J. LeMahieu.  Stewart, a first round pick in 2003, was interesting in Denver to say the least.  He hit 25 homers in 2009 and followed that with 18 in 2010 before his massive dropoff in 2011 to 0 home runs.  Weathers, a first round pick in 2007, sports a 96 MPH fastball that he basically has no control over (think Mitch Williams, but worse).

MY THOUGHTS:  This is a classic case of everyone involved needed a change of scenery.  Stewart was not in the future plans of the Rockies with Nolan Arenado possibly winning the 3B job this year and Weathers hasn't really been the same since he missed 2009 with Tommy John surgery.  Colvin had a bad year also hitting .150 and doesn't really seem like a fit with Rockies unless it is signaling another trade coming for Seth Smith.  The guy I am REALLY excited about is LeMahieu.  He could possibly win the starting 2B job and his numbers in the minors are pretty good.  He probably won't hit 20 home runs, but he could possibly be a .300 hitter in the big leagues.  This trade was originally proposed as a straight up Stewart for Colvin deal which I saw as a basic push, but with LeMahieu and Weathers added it shifts to a win for Colorado in my mind.

This almost makes up for the previous two trades this week.  If we can pry Jurrgens away for Smith, then I am a happy man.

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