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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

Let me start off by stating that I LOVE playing with the English language.  It is one of the reason why I decided to start blogging in the first place.  The title of this post refers to a grammatically correct sentence created by a college professor from the University of Buffalo.  It uses the three meanings of the word buffalo to state that bison from upstate New York bully different bison from upstate New York who in turn do the same thing for infinity.  You may be asking yourself  'What the hell does this have to do with baseball cards?' right now.  With that I will answer, see a psychiatrist you shouldn't be talking to your computer screen.

Actually, this does have something to do with baseball cards and my blog specifically.  I wanted to use a neat little story to introduce my most wanted list, The Quarry Quarry.  The Quarry (me) Quarry (an abundant need) shows the list of my 10 most wanted cards.  I added the list a couple of weeks ago with no fanfare and no real idea of introducing it, but I figured why not use the English language that inspired the title to introduce it.

The 10 cards on the list feature one of the needed cards for my "One of Every Rockie" collection.  Unlike most card needs lists, the actual card listed is just a suggestion.  It is one specific card for the player in question, but I need ANY card of that player listed as a Rockie.  For example, if you don't have the 2003 Fleer Tradition Gary Bennett, but you do have a 2003 Topps Gary Bennett, I need that too and it will work.  I have already tracked down 2 Quarries, Mark Ellis and Butch Huskey, and I will be keeping a tally at the bottom of the list until I get my collection complete.

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Play at the Plate said...

Great idea and I like that you're keeping a total of the cards aquired from the Quarry Quarry.