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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rock Stars - First Base

Let's continue building the ultimate Rockies team with the position that has seen the least amount of change in the history of the team, first base.  There have only been two full-time first basemen in the eighteen year history of the franchise.  I decided to narrow the focus of this position to just three players instead of five, but I will make up for the numbers when second base rolls around.  Here are the top first basemen in Rockies history in chronological order.

Andres Galarraga (1993-97)
Andres Galarraga was the first big-time Rockies free agent signing and became their first superstar.  He got the franchise off to a very buzz-worthy inaugural season with his chase of .400 which was realistic past the All Star Break in 1993 before finishing with a league leading .370 average.   In five seasons in Colorado, Galarraga posted a line of .316/.367/.577 with 172 home runs and 579 RBIs.  He was also in the top 10 in MVP voting in 4 of those 5 years to go along with 2 All Star selections.  Galarraga left via free agency for Atlanta following the 1997 season.

Todd Helton (1997-present)
After Galarraga bolted to the Braves, a spot was opened at first base.  That spot remains filled to this day.  Following his rookie season in which he mostly played in the outfield, Helton has been THE Rockie at first base.  In his 15 seasons in Colorado, Helton has put up a line of .323/.421/.550 with 347 homers and 1,308 RBIs.  He was narrowly defeated by Kerry Wood in the 1998 ROY vote and had the 2000 NL MVP stolen from him by an unnamed second baseman in SF.  Helton has also won three Gold Gloves and appeared in 5 All Star games.

Jason Giambi (2009-present)
Giambi joined the Rockies midway through the 2009 season and has been a very valuable pinch hitter and veteran clubhouse leader.  Of course the elephant in the room is his alleged steroid usage, but since all that occurred prior to his days in Colorado, it doesn't matter here.  In his 2 1/2 seasons in Colorado he has a line of .254/.375/.492 with 21 homers and 78 RBIs.  Defensively he is now a liability, which is why he is mostly a bench player near the end of his career.

Honorable Mention:  none (there weren't any more other than a couple of Sept. call ups)

There will be a poll which I will only have running until Saturday at 4PM Eastern time.  I need the time to get the results posted on Saturdays and the new position started on Sundays.  I figured first base would be the best time to have a short poll because it is obvious who is going to win.  The toughest about this position for me was which Todd Helton card should I use for the picture.  The biggest problem is at any other position Andres Galarraga would at the very least be in the discussion for the best ever, but here he is obviously a distant second.  I still welcome your votes and comments.


Ryan H said...

I've always liked Todd Helton. I don't know what it is about him but I've always respected him as a player. I don't know if his numbers are good enough for Cooperstown but he should garner some strong consideration.

The Diamond King said...

The Big Cat was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Helton is obviously the man here.

In honor of this, are you interested in another stack of Helton's?? I have them ready to go!