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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2012 Hall of Fame Ballot Announced

Here is the ballot for the 2012 Hall of Fame.  4 former Rockies are included in bold. *CORRECTION* 6 former Rockies (I forgot the short stints of Murphy and Womack).

Jeff Bagwell
Jeromy Burnitz
Vinny Castilla
Juan Gonzalez
Brian Jordan
Barry Larkin
Javy Lopez
Edgar Martinez
Don Mattingly
Fred McGriff
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Bill Mueller
Terry Mulholland
Dale Murphy
Phil Nevin
Rafael Palmeiro
Brad Radke
Tim Raines
Tim Salmon
Ruben Sierra
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker
Bernie Williams
Tony Womack  
Eric Young

I think Barry Larkin makes it this year as a solo act, but big gains for Morris and Raines (and hopefully McGriff and Walker) will eventually get them enshrined also.  Bernie Williams is probably the only first timer that will see a second ballot.

Who (if anyone) do you think will make?  Who should make it?


Ryan G said...

There are several players on the list I'd like to see get in. Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Murphy, Trammell, and Walker all should eventually find a home in the hall (though Trammell is a tough sell). Edgar Martinez was such a good DH they named an award after him. That should count for something.

McGwire and Mattingly deserve an eventual entry, though both are coaching. Sure, Mac cheated, but so did everybody else.

Now whether or not any of these get in is a different topic all together.

Dennis said...

If I was voting, I'd take Bagwell, Larkin, Edgar Martinez, Morris and Trammell. Larkin and Morris are the most deserving so I hope they make it in together. I've never considered McGwire a reasonable candidate, steroids or no. Maybe Mattingly will make it in as a manager.

The Lost Collector said...

I think Bagwell has a great shot to make it this year.

I hope Bernie has a nice showing. I don't expect him to get elected ever, but it would be nice to see something around 25-30%.

Trey J. said...

I'd love to see Bagwell make it this year but if they wait till 2013/2014 whenever it is that Biggio is eligible that's alright by me too. It'd save me money making just one trip to the enshrinement instead of two. Ha.