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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something That Had Never Happened Before

On Monday, the Colorado Rockies traded expensive (though not surprising) disappointment Ty Wigginton and cash to the Philadelphia Phillies for a PTBNL or cash.  Basically, the Rockies paid the Phillies to take Wiggy.  This is normally one of those minor transactions that you would read in the newspaper and then forget about shortly thereafter.

I expected Wigginton to get moved at the trade deadline during the season, but when that didn't happen I KNEW he would be traded during the offseason.  So, that is not the noteworthiness of this trade.  The fascinating aspect of this deal is that this is the first ever trade between the Rockies and Phillies.  Eighteen years in the league and not a single trade had ever happened between the two clubs.  The Phillies were the second team this year that had their first trade with the Rox following a spring training deal with the Pirates for Josh Fields (who was released shortly thereafter).

Big deal you say?  Well, the significance of this is that the Phillies were the final team in the majors with which the Rockies hadn't made a single trade.  To me, this is a huge deal that says the Rockies are a part of the league now.  There were children born on the day of the Rockies first game that voted this past Election Day.  Face it, the Rockies are now a franchise with a history with every other team.

Which team now has gone the longest without a trade currently?  That would be the Evil by the Bay.  Yes, in July 1998 the Giants stole Ellis Burks for Darryl Hamilton and two others. 

One of the many, many reasons that the Giants are my least favorite team.

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