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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Quarry Cards #'s 17-24

Continuing with the 2011 Colorado Rockies yearbook.  This group contain the only 2 players that I could not find an in-game shot for.  One of the two is my very first attempt at airbrushing.  Let me know how it turned out.

Click to see #'s 1-8 and 9-16.

#17 Jason Giambi
Giambi once again proved a valuable bench commodity for the Rockies, blasting 13 homers in 64 games.
Quarry Fun Fact: Giambi was named one of the 10 most superstitious athletes by Men's Fitness.

#18 Hector Gomez
Gomez was a surprise September call up due to Troy Tulowitzki's injury.  He played in 2 games at SS, getting 2 hits.
Quarry Fun Fact:  Gomez hails from the shortstop factory in San Pedro de Macoris.

#19 Carlos Gonzalez
Gonzalez bounced back from an injury and slump filled first half to finish the 2011 season with 26 homers and 92 RBIs.
Quarry Fun Fact: Gonzalez won the 2010 Luis Aparicio Award given annually to the best Venezuelan player.

#20 Edgar Gonzalez
Gonzalez quietly joined the Rockies for 1 game in 2011.  He pitched 2 innings in relief and surrendered 2 runs.
Quarry Fun Fact: Gonzalez was the 2002 Rookie of the Year in the Mexican Pacific League.

#21 Jason Hammel
Hammel had an up and down 2011 season.  He struggled as a starter going 7-13 before moving into a long relief role.
Quarry Fun Fact: Hammel was 5th in the NL with 14 sacrifice hits in 2011.

#22 Todd Helton
Helton had a nice comeback season in 2011 from several years of injury hitting .302 in 127 games.
Quarry Fun Fact:  Helton's knee injury in 1994 opened the door for Peyton Manning to be starting QB at Tennessee.

#23 Jonathan Herrera
Much like the team in general, Herrera got off to a very hot start in 2011 before cooling off in summer and eventually being replaced at second by Mark Ellis.
Quarry Fun Fact:  Herrera is from the same hometown in Venezuela as Carlos Gonzalez.

#24 Chris Iannetta
Iannetta played in a career high 112 games while batting .238 (.370 OBP) with 14 homers as the Rockies primary catcher.
Quarry Fun Fact:  Iannetta is 1 of only 3 active major leaguers born in Rhode Island.

I am a big fact of the Helton photo.  I have a lot of Helton cards and I don't think any of them are of him sliding into home.  It is odd that the catcher seems to have disappeared though.  I also love the colorful rain slickers in the Giambi photo.  As always your comments are very appreciated.


night owl said...

Is Gonzalez the airbrushed one? Looks pretty good to me.

hiflew said...

Thanks. Yeah that's it. He is actually wearing an A's cap and the inner shirt is green.

It probably would have been tougher to figure out had that been the only head shot.