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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #17 Chicago White Sox Part 1

I think you guys should be able to tell by my countdown thus far that I am not a huge fan of big market teams.  I am a small town guy and don't really relate to the New York or Los Angeles teams or people for the most part.  The one team that operates in a big city, but has the feel of a small market team is #17 on my countdown, the Chicago White Sox.  Even with their above average budget and generally unlikeable teams, they have always seemed like the Cubs' little brother.  That doesn't make me a fan of them, but it does give me less reason to dislike them.  I actually did like the White Sox for a while when they changed to the black and white gear around 1990, but it wore off quickly and the White Sox have settled into the lower half of my "apathy third" of teams.  Let's check out the 2012 Chicago White Sox along with some useless trivia.

If I were a White Sox fan...

Title of the blog - Let's Wear Shorts Again

Favorite Player (current) - Adam Dunn

Favorite Player (all time) - Lance Johnson

Least Favorite Player (current) - A.J. Pierzynski

Least Favorite Player (all time) - Ozzie Guillen

2012 Chicago White Sox Total Cards = 46

I mentioned that I started liking the White Sox a lot more when they changed their uniform colors to black and white.  Other teams, such as when the Astros went to red, I liked a lot less. 

Would a color change affect your feelings about your favorite team?  For example, if the Dodgers decided to change their primary color to green to match all their damn money.  Sorry, cheap shot, but you get the idea.

Thanx for reading.


Johngy said...

I am not sure if I liked the Sox more, but I tend to watch more Sunday games when they wear their throwback jerseys (red pinstripe from my youth). I am sure that will wear off though (unless they start wearing the aways from that time (powder blue and red).

Marcus said...

I'm not a huge football fan, mostly because I didn't play it growing up, and the Chargers will break your heart even more than the Padres, but when they wear those powder blue uniforms, I always think, "hey, maybe I actually like these guys." Then I watch them play and realize that it's just too painful to watch.

The Orioles' semi-retro uniforms this year made me like them a little more, and I love the direction that the Astros are going this year in the uniform department.

Hoping that new ownership will change the Padres uniforms, right now they're boring, but still an upgrade from the previous "sand" color scheme. I wish they'd go back to mid-90s style with blue and orange, but it'd be cool if they incorporated brown as well. I'd still love 'em regardless, but I'd feel a little more proud of my team if they looked good on the field.

Jeff Laws said...

I'd buy that team set. Nice name for the blog too. Please don't start a blog with that name, I'm afraid the Sox management will take you seriously and think about bringing those back.

I wouldn't dislike my team for their uniforms but I wouldn't be happy about the way they look. Now I might not watch a team that I casually follow because of them. But not my Sox.