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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mountains to Climb in 2011

 One of my favorite features in my readings in Blogland is the collecting goals of my fellow bloggers.  I figured since I started this one early this year, I would try my hand at this on my limited budget. 

1. Get one card of every Rockie in a Rockie uniform.
This one might prove tough as I didn't realize how many people played partial seasons with the club, but I am still going to try it.
Perceived toughness - 9/10 Perceived cost - 3/10

2. Finish off twelve of my partial sets this year.
This is an important one for me and shouldn't prove that difficult.
Perceived toughness - 5/10 Perceived cost - 4/10

3. Complete 50 trades with fellow bloggers / readers.
Given the friendliness of this community I don't see this being a problem at all.
Perceived toughness - 3/10 Perceived cost - 1/10

4. Organize a Rookie Cup card collection from my vast doubles.
Should be one of the easier goals on this list.  I already have most of my dupes organized by player.
Perceived toughness - 2/10 Perceived cost - 0/10

5. Have 200 posts on this blog.
With the time I have available now this shouldn't be a problem.
Perceived toughness - 4/10 Perceived cost - 0/10

6. Get enough supplies for organization.
Another key mountain for me is getting everything I have organized.
Perceived toughness - 3/10 Perceived cost - 7/10

7. Start and finish the 2011 Topps Heritage set.
I love the 1962 Topps design so this is the only must build set coming out in 2011 for me.  I haven't really liked the past two years of Heritage mainly because I didn't like the design of 1960 and 1961.  Finishing this one might be tough with all of the SPs and inserts but it will definitely get started.
Perceived toughness - 9/10 Perceived cost - 9/10

8. Get my Jamal Mashburn collection over 500.
This shouldn't be a problem, but I am mostly stuck getting parallels now so it will probably cost a little bit.  I am currently at 476. 
Perceived toughness - 2/10 Perceived cost - 4/10

9. Find and work on a set I like from 1996-2005.
There are definite holes in my set collection from the period I wasn't collecting.  Suggestions are welcome and encouraged.
Perceived toughness - 1/10 Perceived cost - 4/10

10. Continue having fun with this great hobby.
This will obviously prove to be the easiest goal I have ever set.
Perceived toughness - 0/10 Perceived cost - Priceless


flywheels said...

I plan on building the 2011 Heritage set as well so perhaps we can help each other. I'll also check to see if I have any old Charlotte Hornets cards of Jamal Mashburn left over.

hiflew said...

Definitely. I just hope they don't do any of that gimmicky stuff to the Rockies in the set. I can't stand that stuff.

I will getting my wantlist for Mashburn up later tonight. I don't know whether it would be easier to put what I have or what I need. Thoughts?