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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Cubicle of the Unique member #1 Jim Deshaies

As mentioned earlier, I am starting a Hall of Fame for players that were not only good enough to get on the ballot, but were good enough in the mind of one voter to be in the company of the greatest ever.  This "Hall" shall be known as the Cubicle of the Unique (short form: The Cube).  I have tried to wrap my mind around how to induct members.

Should I start from the beginning?  Should I start from the present and work my way back?  Should I go alphabetically?  Should I use random.org?  The answer to all of those of course is no.  I plan on going in a completely arbitrary order somewhat based on the cards I want (or have) to post.

But that left me with the big question...who will get the honor of being the first inductee?  I was debating between a player related to the Rockies in some way (who will be #2) or who I consider the best player out of the group.  Instead, I chose a pitcher with a 12 year career, a win-loss record of 84-95 and an ERA of 4.14.  I will explain why shortly.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the inaugural member of the Cubicle of the Unique

Starting Pitcher
Jim Deshaies
(sound of one hand clapping)

Top to Bottom: 1988 Score, 1992 Topps, 1993 Fleer

You may be thinking to yourself WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT?  I will be honest, in researching the list of players and I saw Jim Deshaies I was prepared to list 1,001 reasons why he shouldn't have gotten one vote.  But then I checked his Wikipedia page (that's right, only the BEST research tools for you) and saw a story.  Mr. Deshaies actively campaigned, tongue-in-cheek, to get not into the Hall of Fame, but to get one single vote.  How could I possibly start The Cube without inducting the one player that wants in first?  Well, the answer to that is to choose someone else, but it's my blog so I didn't.

Career Highlights
Holds the modern day record for consecutive strikeouts to begin a game with 8.
Finished 7th in N.L. Rookie of the Year voting in 1986.
Had 6 seasons of double digit wins (high 15)
Led the league in 3 categories in 1994.

Career Lowlights
Those 3 categories were Games Started, Earned Runs Allowed, and Home Runs Allowed

Now with our first inductee comes the plaque.  Since this is a card blog, I decided to use a baseball  card. (Well, D'UH!!).  Above are the three candidates for the enshrinement plaque.  I have my personal favorite, but I will go with the majority.  Let me know what you think of The Cube.


BA Benny said...

I say 93 Fleer

night owl said...

Can you make the back of his '88 Score card the plaque? That stache is awesome.

I actually did a story on Deshaies and his one Hall vote. He had a website (back when a website was a big deal) for the campaign and everything. The interview was amusing. Deshaies has always been a pleasant and approachable guy.

ShaneK said...

Good post as I always wonder how player X could possibly get a single vote. I agree with NO, the 88 Score back screams 1980's adult star stache!

SpastikMooss said...

Wow I didn't see this yet - very nice. This feature could be sweet!