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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The One Vote Club or Someone Thinks You Belong

To me, one of the more fascinating things about baseball is the Hall of Fame voting.  Belated congratulations to Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar from the Quarry.  Enough will be and has been written about Mr. Blyleven and Mr. Alomar for me to spotlight them.  What I intend to do is start a one vote Hall of Fame.

Every year when the ballot results are announced everyone is focused on who made it, who should've made it, etc.  My eye is usually scanning the bottom of the list to see who got very few votes.  Over time this feature will spotlight those players that one person voted for to join the greats of all time.

This is not meant to belittle or demean the careers of any of these players.  Quite the opposite is intended.  I want to celebrate the players, while not good enough to get serious consideration to join the select group of the best of all time, that had good enough playing careers to warrant one person to say...He belongs there.

If you think this might be an interesting topic to explore, let me know.  If you don't, I'm still doing it but I appreciate the feedback.  Stay tuned for Inductee #1.

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