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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rockie Trading Post #3 - Special Guest Dennis from Too Many Grandersons

Welcome to the third episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tonight's special guest is Dennis from Too Many Grandersons.  Dennis is a collector of University of Michigan athletes and Detroit Tigers cards along with being a set builder.  He wrote up a post about what I traded him, if you are curious click here.  Now onto the highlights of what I received from him.

 This is THE highlight of this trade.  How can you go wrong with a dual purple jersey relic of the two longest tenured Rockies in history?  This is a 2001 SPx Winning Materials of Larry Walker and Todd Helton.  It isn't serial numbered, but the SCD Standard Catalog says duals were limited to 50 sets.  Does anyone have any other info on this card or set?  If so, I would appreciate it.

Next up is two 2005 Topps Chrome rookie cup winners.  As some of you know, I don't buy chrome packs or boxes, so anytime I get them in a trade it's a winner.

Here we have 2 Chrome Refractors from 2005 also.   Tsao's Rockie career was in fact a rocky career.  He had the closer's job in 2005, but unfortunately injuries derailed those plans.  According to his Wiki, he has since been banished by the Chinese Professional League in a game fixing scandal and currently runs a barbecue joint in Hualien City.  (I never thought that string of words would ever come from me.)

A couple of the several 2009 Topps inserts that Dennis sent.  First, I love the propaganda set.  I think it is one of Topps best ever inserts.  Second, has any player ever gone from All Star to waiver wire quicker than Brad Hawpe.  Less than a year after being in the All Star Game he was very quietly waived and picked by the Rays around September of last year.  He is probably going to be replacing A-Gon at first for the Padres, I'm okay with that.

Finally, we have a 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Aaron Cook /2002.  It is hard to believe how long Cook has been a Rockie.  Only a handful of guys have played longer with the team, but I don't really consider him one of the greatest Rockies.  He was the ace during the lean mid 2000s, but now is where he belongs as a serviceable #3 starter behind Ubaldo and JDLR.

Thanks again Dennis for the trade and don't forget to check out his Razor Letterman group break this Saturday.  I think there is still time to get in.  Until next time, this has been The Rockie Trading Post.


Dennis said...

Thanks again for the trade, and the group break pimping. And keep the posts coming!

hiflew said...

No problem.

Plus, I figured since I can't spare the cash to get in this time, maybe I'd at least plug the break for you.