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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Group Break results from Cardboard Collections

I got involved in a "cheap" group break over at Cardboard Collections.  Colbey was busting boxes of 1994 Pinnacle, 1999 Sports Illustrated, and 2005 UD Pro Sigs.  Of course, I snagged my Rockies for the very respectable price of $6 (Seriously, you guys need to join his breaks).  Because he was also opening some early 80s bonus packs, I also picked up the Royals for $4 hoping to get a George Brett (alas, no Brett), but still definitely worth the price.  Here is what I got for my minimal investment.

First the big ones for me anyway.

Ubaldo's rookie!  Of the 2 copies of this card I found online before the break the cheapest was $5.75 shipped.  Well my break is paid for, let's check out the rest of the free cards.  The Helton is a bronze parallel, a base card but still a cool card of arguably the greatest Rockie ever.

 The Pinnacle sets have some the best photos on baseball cards.  These are my 3 favorite cards from the group of 10 or so from that set that I received.  The next 3 pics are from the SI set.  Boy, the Rockies 2000 card explains a lot of their struggling in the early 2000s.  The last pic is the other 2 prospects I got from Pro Sigs.  Oh well, they can't all work out like Ubaldo.

The Royals from the break.

The Royals didn't do so well in the group break (been a while since they have done well at much).  But Colbey was generous enough to fill a team bag with some Royals from his personal collection to make it worthwhile and then some.  I like the die-cut goodness that was Topps Laser along with the Ultra Gold Medallion Greinke.  The Brian McRae is shown because he was a Rockie in 1999 and I haven't found any cards showing him in a Colorado uniform.  So for now, this card will reside in his spot in my binder.

And that's not all.

I won these 2 in a random off of the non-claimed teams.   I can't believe no Indian or Angel collectors got in, but their loss is my gain.  The first card is a Pinnacle Artist Proof parallel of Greg Myers.  The second is a nice insert of Manny before he became a douche.

If you are interested in any of these non-Rockies cards email me or comment below, they are available.

Thanks again go out to Colbey for his break and you can definitely count me in for the next one.  Shortly here at the Quarry we will be seeing Colbey again in one of my beloved trade posts.

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