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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cubicle of the Unique - Member #2 Walt Weiss

Before we move on to inducting member #2 to The Cubicle of the Unique, I'll share the winning image to accompany Jim Deshaies.
This was actually my choice also and the reason I put picture of the backs up.  I liked it for the mustache obviously, but also because the picture on the front didn't have the 'stache.  After reading this story on Night Owl Cards I decided to reread the back.  It turns out in 1987, Jim Deshaies was "widely regarded as one of the top #4 starters in baseball."  If that doesn't say induct him then nothing does.  Thanks to all that participated in the voting.

Now that we have that put behind us, let's prepare for the next member of our exclusive club.  Since I went with a pitcher first, I decided to go position player next.  With lots of players to choose from I decided to go with the first Rockie.  That's right no punishment for the "Coors Effect" here.

So without further adieu, let's introduce the second member of The Cubicle of the Unique

Walt Weiss
(sound of one hand clapping)

Walt Weiss played for 4 different teams (A's, Marlins, Rockies, Braves) in his 14 year major league career.  Weiss was A.L. Rookie of the Year in 1988, the third of three consecutive ROYs for The Athletics.  He was traded during the 1993 expansion draft to the Marlins for a player that began that day as his teammate, catcher Eric Helfand, and a PTBNL (Scott Baker).  After a year in Florida, Weiss joined the Rockies as a free agent and was their starting shortstop for 4 seasons.  He ended his career as the 3 year stopgap to Rafael Furcal in Atlanta.  He finished his career with 1207 hits.

Career Highlights
A.L. Rookie of the Year 1988
Participated in 3 World Series (missed in 1990 due to injury in ALCS)
NL All Star Starting Shortstop in 1998 (only appearance)
High school alma mater baseball field named for him (Well do you have one?)

Career Lowlights
Led NL (but not majors, thank you Jose Valentin) with 30 errors in 1996

As with last time, your votes will determine the card (back or front) to be used as the enshrinement plaque for Mr. Weiss.  Eventually I will start using a poll, but for now your comments, as always, are appreciated.