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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Budget eBay Collector January Quick Update

A little while ago, I embarked on a little collecting experiment which I am calling The eBay Budget Collector.  The details and rules are here, but as a quick recap I had a $5.00 budget and the month of January to get 10 cards.  Simple, huh?  Several people mentioned to me that it was a good idea and for that I thank you.  Since I haven't mentioned it in a while I thought I would provide a quick update on my progress. 

Assignment complete.  There quick enough for ya. 

I am still waiting on a few of the cards to arrive, but I figured, for you stats geeks (like me) out there, I would provide a rundown of what I got without giving too much away.

Cards purchased: 12
Keeper cards purchased: 1 definite, maybe a couple of others (Yep that means trade bait)
Sports represented: 2 ( 9 Baseball, 3 Football )
Card companies represented: 5
HOFs purchased: 3 (potentially more)
Rockies purchased: 1 (not really surprised nobody sells Rockies on eBay)
Teams represented: 12 (2 Reds, 1 combo with 2 different teams)
Budget stuck too?: No, I overshot by 11 cents (Oops)
Total $ amount spent on shipping: $2.00 (on two different cards)
Oldest card purchased: 1979
Serial #'d cards purchased: 3
Most expensive card including shipping: $1.75
Least expensive card including shipping: $0.06
Fun had: Quite a bit actually, kinda frustrating toward the end though
$5 well spent? - I think so, I probably could have done better, but hey it's 5 bucks.

If you were bored by this, I'm sorry but why are you still reading?  I will show off my loot as soon as I get everything in and scanned.  I hope you guys are enjoying this little experiment, because I will probably do it again in a couple of months.

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